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  1. University Nevada Las Vegas Quinn Buniel- Debating. Pumping out cards most likely.
  2. Can i go back to UTNIF just to have a crunch ice cream bar everyday? damn that was goood.
  3. No. TOC rules state independent entries cannot get bids. On another note, Golden Desert allowed for independent entries to break and continue to debate as long as they gave up the bid.
  4. the videos would most likely be posted on youtube/google and the links would just be posted on the site. Answer: Yes.
  5. Convert the format... But the fastest way would be to rerererererererecord it. What's 8 more minutes?
  6. invalid file error P.s. Mediafire must've realized you were trying to tool us by making the file unaccessible and gave you the virtual finger. =P
  7. Centennial AD I think the last one is Bakersfield Christian? AH?
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