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  1. When is 7wk over btw?
  2. I'm almost certain the GDI is finished. I don't know when someone will post their files though...
  3. This seems to have been somewhat ignored. What are the major topicality questions with this aff?
  4. I'm a bit of an economics tyro so excuse me if the following question seems a bit stupid. Given the recent/ongoing recession what do you think is the most strategic way to structure a economy disad?
  5. If someone's up for just compiling all the individual camp files into singular zips for easy downloading, a lot of the camps that are already out have their evidence up here. http://www.planetdebate.com/blockhouse Check on the side where it says "files by camp". This calls for a big thanks to Stefan and Manuel.
  6. Saske

    CP: ban education

    I'm confused. Is this supposed to be against affs that claim a certain sort of education is bad? Regardless, how would this be different from the status quo? I don't really see how "ban education" is responsive/solves "education good" claims.
  7. The permutation isn't so much of an "advocacy" as much as it is a test of the intrinsicness of the link. Basically, on a disad, it's a glorified it's a link take out dealing with the question of whether or not the disad is intrinsic to the plan. Of course this raises some theoretical concerns...
  8. Saske


    Congress still has to approve the budget, Gates is just relaying his wishes.
  9. Saske


    I'm looking for F-22s impacts both ways. Email me Melethedebater@gmail.com
  10. Always, nice to have some sort of compliation. So far people have seemed to be able to contrive a scenario from just about everything on the Democrats' wish list. So far I've heard... Law of the Sea RRW Stimulus CTBT? What else is out there?
  11. Apparently Mead came out with a new article with impacts for economic collapse. It is set to be published in February of 2009, but it's online. http://www.tnr.com/politics/story.html?id=571cbbb9-2887-4d81-8542-92e83915f5f8&p=2 Bronx read it in outrounds at Emory. lolz@"Mead in 9"
  12. Aside from the IAEA Disad and the French nuke leadership disad, what are some other nuclear specific disads?
  13. Saske

    808s & Heartbreak

    I think he pulled off the concept, but at the same time alienated a few listeners which is inevitable seeing as though he's drifting more towards the pop side. It think it's an ok album although definitely not my favorite kanye album. The lack of track diversity makes it almost exclusively a break up album, and I'm not always in that mood .
  14. Is this scenario still unique? I've seen some evidence saying the ban has been lifted, and other evidence saying it's still being debate. Some of the "passed" evidence is older than the "being debated" evidence and visa versa. So does anyone know what the deal is here?
  15. Does anyone have a racial identity politics (Zizek, other Lacanians) file? PM me.
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