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  1. I am going to go ahead and predict out on a limb that george washington high school will claim 3 of the top 4 spots, in some places... and littleton will get one of the top four places. Also I will predict that the eventual champions will not be nearly as good(I mean as greek) as andy greos or as good(red headed) as patrick o'brien. I think these are fair statements that the champs will be neither as greek or red headed as last years champions. I am a wealth of predictive knowledge.
  2. Seeing as Creek East is coming around now.... I thought I would let you know that Patrick O'Brien is actually Cabeza Roja(aka pellirojo) same as Tabula Rasa.(this is the latin translation for read head.)
  3. Hey CX peoples. Two years ago, maybe three, there was a CX topic that included the area of military conscription. This year the nationals LD resolutions is military conscription. If you have some good stuff in that area and you could help me out that would be great. Policy or Kritikal. Thanks. Stephen Lurie Creek ps----- send to pandasteve@gmail.com or here or whatever.
  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Jacob and Taylor!!!! I know previous success should not really factor in to the whole reschedule of a tournament, but it is really a shame that the state finalist team will not be represented at nationals. If anything could be done to allow them to compete, although how absurd it may sound, would, I think, be the most just course of action. You guys are amazing no matter what. <3 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Steve
  5. Just to brag one little smidge. Best(only I think) undefeated cx team: Creek OL love you guys
  6. Interesting solution. I am not quite sure it is the best option though. Is there not another wyoming district to compete in? could there be some other way of sorting out this type of problem? I hope this doesn't cost people in Rocky South a spot they deserve... not to say worland doesnt deserve the spot.
  7. SLA- Stephen Lurie Academy will be bringing the needed two teams. that is all
  9. Ditto to everything said above. However..... If you are at NatQuals for the Colorado region this weekend, please please please register to judge LD as well. I understand it isn't the favorite around here, however this region will get dirty in CX really quickly, and PF will make you cringe. It would be great if you guys/and girls could pick up some LD rounds at least on saturday. Thanks a bunch, I know that if there was not such a CX judge presence last year I would not have qualified to nationals. Stephen L.
  10. major congratulations to all of creek, east, kent, littleton, gw. you guys are all great.
  11. I would just like to put in a second plea for lots of CX judges to come to this tournament. It really makes tournaments better for other debate events also. I know you will all want to judge CX but I would also ask for you to register for LD too, or at least judge some LD out rounds if you can. Thanks.
  12. I disagree with courtney, it was very cool to see and very watchable. I think Courtney is upset because it an attack on her style of debate. you end up rooting for both the underdog and the top dog, what else would you want.
  13. jacob, taylor, katie, katy, jesse, jordan. love you guys. way to go. very very impressive.
  14. I wanted to heartily thank all the cx judges that came and dutifully judged LD debate. I know we are not as cool, but thank you very much for your time.
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