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  1. My expierence a gonzaga was great, I learned a lot and had fun. THE Lab leaders are some of the best in the country, who have success on not only a highschool level but also a collegiate level. One criticism I would have of my lab and from most of the others(non scholars, 4 week labs) however was that there was not nearly enough practice debates and too much of a focus on evidence production. DOnt mean to be a buzz kill but thought it its fair imput to prospective debators.
  2. troovy1

    NFLs Results

    did anyone have any luck recording the debate from the live stream?
  3. How come every post from Jason is then directly followed by one from Billy? Do u guys coordinate that?
  4. when u guys place at broward novice champs then come talk to me
  5. I apologize for my novis comment...they have nothing to brag about they wouldnt win without our files.. he will be severely reprimanded
  6. troovy1

    Anthro K

    UNt put one out i think
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