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    could someone put a team list up thanks
  2. Yeah, that does make sense to me. So how do I create a normal template then? Do I just save the Cal template as a Macros-enabled template? That didn't work when I tried it...
  3. Word 2007. Can you explain the distinction between the template and the normal template?
  4. I have looked through all of the threads with the phrase, paperless, so if I missed the answer to this question, I apologize. Our team is going paperless this year - so, as a result, I am trying to get all of our files (both this years and backfiles) into the Cal debate template so that they retain the macros. However, whenever I try to distribute these files or get them on other computers, the macros are stripped and it turns into a regular document. This happens with email, jumpdrives, drop box, and through AIM transfers. Does anyone know exactly what the problem is? I can not find out why this is happening. I have tried the Whitman template too, but the same exact thing happens.
  5. dude if you drop the perm in the block, all you have to do is cross apply the link to the disad and say "the perm still links - crossapply our link explanation"... not a new argument regardless of what judges should do, the judges i've seen don't vote aff on the permutation unless there's an actual warrant about why the permutation solves the net benefit...most judges default neg on the question of the perm linking to the net benefit its the aff's burden to show why the perm overcomes something like politics - even if its just a shitty shielding assertion
  6. WTF, ghill sophss please beat damien.
  7. JV - Kush and Chris lost to OPRF on a 2-1, Alderete sat out.
  8. Anyone up for a TFA state caselist this year?
  9. Ghill won this octa's round.
  10. Haha i know i know. im just in a sour mood that ghill's not there
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