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  1. I will trade any and all files i have on anything, for any and all files that any of you have on Kappeler, Nayar, and the Will to Violence kritik
  2. lol, how ironic you and I were looking for exactly the same thing Rett srsly hope to debate you this year
  3. I will be attending the sophomore scholars lab, no skills wk, and i wanted to know how much K work the lab would be doing?
  4. for next years resolution, if a plan text specified how an orginization used the funding, and the other team ran object fiat bad, how would one answer that.
  5. patrick berger james logan '10 1n/2a first place, top speaker at UOP finalist at Longbeach looking for extremely experienced partner in fast debate. im going to sophomore scholars, for more info on my experience email me at cajunprankster@yahoo.com
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