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  1. Yeah that down and out posting is like the hardest thing to take but great job to all qualifiers, creek (?/?) and especially kent spafford/daniels, you guys have been colorado debate superstars this year and I wish you the best of luck at nationals.
  2. he's an amazing artist. don't listen to just his hit songs, he's one of the best freestylers out there. Best tracks: Little Weapon The Cool Streets on Fire Hip Hop Saved my Life One of the few rappers that actually raps important shit these days.
  3. Why are you worried with laptop flowing? that's not even allowed in our region.
  4. Ungerman/Magnuson, in case anyone was wondering. although i do like the "not sigaty".
  5. Wyoming Forensics Institute was cancelled, it won't be one of the options for camp this year. but that was indeed your best bet for low cost camps.
  6. this is like word for word the neg t-theory that's read every round. some originality please?
  7. a lot of literature says you can do both, implement with western doctors and technologies while educating traditional healers so it can be carried out more effectively in the long run.
  8. please don't be a douche bag, you don't have to be all arrogant and condescending to be a good debater. i'm just saying, and i could be wrong, at least from the camp evidence i've seen, it's not very hard to defend against. the rounds we've lost have been against some really great cards people found from research outside the camps. but that's just what i've seen. i'm not saying the camp affirmative's are any better, either. like any case, the more work you are willing to put into it, the better it will be. just something to consider in evidence trading. although i'm interested to see what neg strat is working for people around the nation.
  9. this is a horrible card. there's much better harms/ solvency cards for circumcision i don't know why they use this
  10. Besides the fact that all the solvency guarantees 60-70% solvency of aids and that a lot of literature that speaks to how it will be ten years before a vaccine will be effective as circumcision is today. all the evidence against circumcision is mostly just speculation while the evidence for it is a bunch of studies. be careful when you assume cases suck, that's when you end up losing to them. the camp neg to it is terrible, as someone who runs circumcision you'd be better off researching it for yourself.
  11. yeah it's in our storage room. we can bring it to cherry creek if you'll be there.
  12. This was actually a really good tournament guys, thanks for coming.
  13. Hoover Hotel

    [Aff] Tsete Fly

    it would be, but alt agent cp's have no teeth unless they have specific evidence.
  14. Hoover Hotel

    [Aff] Tsete Fly

    I endorse the files kaut67 has cut. at least the ones i've recieved, they were pretty solid.
  15. Very few things are actually "US key." Even the ones that claim to be usually aren't. You'd be surprised how few debates that argument is winning this year. Esp. since so much solvency is us specific, alt agents have a tendency to fail. judges just don't care, "us key" might be a good argument, but it's not a make or break for the round.
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