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  1. I've heard GBS won 7, 8 and 9 ballots. any confirmation possible?
  2. The first annual Glenbrooks Dodgeball Tournament could not have been a more resounding success. We held a 64-team, elimination styler tournament. After a grueling six matches, the Glenbrook South debate dads and Harvard bound full-back Michael Hirsch were crowned champions. With this honor, they became the first ever winners of "The Saltzman". We hope this trophy will become a goal of future dodgeball tournaments. Because of many of you, we were able to raise upwards of $1000 dollars for the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues and the Lincoln-Douglas charity, The Voices Foundation. Yes, the refereeing wasn't perfect and there were some inconsistencies, but you better believe the tournament will be back next year. We hope to have even more of you in attendance. Thanks again, Will Thibeau, Jack McLeod and Phil Sailer
  3. First Annual Glenbrooks Dodgeball Tournament- Rules and Regulations - Five on five format - Single-elimination bracket style tournament. - To start, each team will be lined up at either end of the court. The dodgeballs will be lined up on the midline. o At the whistle, each team will have to race to the center to grab the dodgeballs. o Before any player is allowed to throw a ball, he or she must touch the endline of the court. - If a player is hit ANYWHERE on his or her body, he or she is now eliminated. o HEAD SHOTS DO COUNT - If a player throws a ball and it is caught by the other team, the player who threw the ball is now out. o Once the player catches the ball, one of that person’s teammates who was out, can now come back in to the game. o If the ball is deflected off of one player, or a ball that one player is holding, the same rule applies. § However, Once a ball is deflected, it is not possible for someone to be eliminated from that ball. - A player is eliminated if he or she steps across the midline at any time. - Players who are eliminated are allowed to retrieve balls that are OUTSIDE the boundaries for their teammates.
  4. I encourage everyone to sign up as quickly as possible. First to sign up gets priority seeding and its significantly easier in terms of registration. Five players per team. The team doesn't necessarily have to consist of people from the same school. Coaches/judges are allowed to play! (wthibeau92@gmail.com)
  5. no campbell. In finals the judges voted on GBS's internal links to economic collapse. Even if the aff didnt solve the financial crisis, the internal links to the auto indutry got Richard and Will what they needed.
  6. Even if the impacts to the advantages are generic, if the aff has specific internal links to those impacts, the strategy of "heg bad" isnt feasible, because if the aff internals are good enough the neg cant win the sustainability debate. This also applies to counterplans, if the internal links are good enough, generic heg CPs dont fly. Plus, the strategic advantage of having heg impacts far outweighs the potential to be impact turned.
  7. Hey, I dont know which one of your teams broke the China aff but I was wondering if one of you could email me the cites for the 1AC-wthibeau92@yahoo.com Thanks
  8. updates when anyone gets the chance
  9. john, jack they dont fucking disclose, we find out sunday morning (its 11 58 sat night now)
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