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  1. I will be in town for the Capitol classic tournament Oct 29-31. I am already signed up to judge for the tournament, though I can still cut files, scout, help teams, etc. I debated four years for Olathe Northwest in Kansas and am currently in my second year of debate at Wake Forest. Please email thiejd9<at>wfu<dot>edu if you are interested and in need. -Drew Thies
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    Next Year

    Can this instead just be the place where people say where they are going to college? That's a lot more interesting, less judgmental, and something about which I, and I am sure a vast amount of people, are curious. Oh, and it still makes sense with the current title. I'll go first, just so you have an idea - Name: Drew Thies College: Still Wake Forest Major: probably shifting from intended poli sci to English Debating: But of course. Ready, set, post!
  3. Other people who deserve recognition, even though they (amazingly enough) decided to move outside of the state for collegiate debate: Cal Gannon/Weiner went 5-2 and dropped to Mary Washington KS in doubles Harvard Jacobs/Parkinson went 5-2 and dropped to Emory IW in octos UTD Baker/Rubaie went 6-1 and dropped to MSU LW in octos Top 20 Speaker Awards Rubaie: 7th Baker: 8th Forgive me if I have forgotten anybody.
  4. Chris Paul, Comm Major - Rookie of the Year, multiple All-Star, All-NBA & All-Defensive teams, Olympic Gold Medalist Tim Duncan, (almost) Comm Major - 4-time NBA champion, 3-time NBA Finals MVP, NBA Rookie of the Year, 2-time NBA MVP, 11 NBA All-Star Games, 11 All-NBA Teams, 12 All-Defensive Teams, Naismith College Player of the Year, USBWA College Player of the Year, had over 2000 points and 1000 rebounds in his career at Wake Forest. Psh, what can a communications degree get me? Do your history. (In reality, it will probably end up being Poli Sci with an IR minor)
  5. Name: Drew Thies High School: Olathe Northwest College: Wake Forest Major: Political Science and/or Communications Debating: Yessir
  6. I don't choose who the best debater is, I just report the findings. Don't shoot the messenger, etc, etc.
  7. In lieu of recent events, thebestdebater.com has been updated. We extend our condolences to deskboy, as he is still undoubtedly the second best debater.
  8. Olathe Northwest is hosting a forensics tournament on March 6th and 7th and we are looking for some judges for our Saturday rounds. We have all the standard events (Extemps, Info, OO, Interps, Prose/Poetry, Impromtu, PFD, etc). Rounds are at 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00. Finals are starting approximately at 1. If you want to judge please PM me or email me at jdthies AT gmail DOT com. A few reasons you should come: 1). We have a baller hospitality room. No joke. I think anybody who came to the forensics qualifier here last year can attest to that. 2). A random assortment of Olathe Northwest Forensics alumni may be making an appearance (I do realize that this is an incentive not to come for some of you). 3). We will have a herd of exotic pack animals to carry people from round to round and to haul extemp tubs to the library, although our questions will still be written on napkins and broken pieces of glass. 4). It will be the party of the year.
  9. Is that your excuse for why we don't hang out with you (jk) Now you're just trying to hurt my feelings.
  10. This is based solely on teams Alex and I have hit this year, so if there aren't a whole lot of teams west of Lawrence on this list, it isn't because I don't love you. 1. Best all around team - Goossen/Shultz have been pretty baller, no doubt. I hadn't seen them in a "slower" round until state this year and I was equally impressed when we weren't all reading at break-neck speeds. The ToC bid doesn't look too bad either. 2. Best Champ team - This is a tough call. Solid arguments can be made for WaRu GS, Empson/Campbell and Dean/Nichols though. 3. Best Open team - Probably same teams as above. I know, I'm really creative. 4. Best Squad - WaRu - not only do they break at nearly every tournament and had to take two vans full of kids to DCI, they have some of the best squad cohesion I have ever seen. They are quite the card-cutting commune. 5. Best Affirmative Team - I really liked Goossen/Shultz's aff after I figured out what was going on in that round - creative and solid. The fact that they are baller debaters doesn't do too much harm either. Empson and Campbell had a really good case too, even when it was fringe-topical. 6. Best 1A - Leigha Empson, hands down. Those 1ARs are ridiculous. 7. Best 2A - This is a tough call. Unfortunately, I seem to invest the majority of my energy in yelling silently at my flow during most 2ARs rather than paying full attention to who is talking. Goossen/Campbell/Nichols are all good though (more with the creativity). 8. Best Negative Team - No idea, but i'll come back and edit somebody in 9. Best 1N - 10. Best 2N - 11. Prettiest Speaker - Leigha Empson. If I missed an argument it was because I didn't write quickly enough, definitely not because it wasn't clear. 12. Fastest Debater - I'm not measuring words per minute or anything but I think Jeanette is pretty quick. 13. Most likely to do well next year - Leigha Empson. When Andrew Baker graduated, Sarah still managed to win practically every tournament she went to. I'd be surprised if the same thing doesn't happen again. Also, I am told the two boys from Wichita East (I forgot the names, sorry) who got to sems at state are both juniors. If this is true, they should have a very successful year next year. 14. Person most likely to graduate and judge - Rippberger, I will force him to (but everybody will strike him so he actually wont judge that much). 15. Best Judge - any member of BVN's crew that they regularly lug around with them to tournaments is usually good to see in the back of the room. I am inclined to say Mark Skoglund, but the ballot we got from him this year was quite underwhelming compared to ones we have received from him in the past. He is a good judge, nonetheless. 16. Coach of the Year - Burgett (I know I spelled that wrong) - to echo what others have said, she has had an amazingly strong squad and simultaneously has been very, very involved in the community. Can't ask for much more than that. 17. Best K debater - Andrew Jamison - we didn't hit many Kansas teams running the K but he gave us some good cap rounds. 18. Best Counterplan debater - probably Kendall. He had some pretty legit case specific stuff and had mad 2NC blocks. 19. Best T debater - We were topical this year! Nobody went for it. 20. Best Politics Debater - Nobody went for it but Ben Goossen gave a nasty 1NR on the stimulus package and never ceased to give a creative, smart 2AC/2AR on the argument, so he's probably my pick. 21. Most likely to be NDT champion - Maybe if people told me if they are debating in college or not... 22. Most likely to become a debate coach - This reeks too much of those silly awards everybody gets at graduation. I'm boycotting it.
  11. The lawrence team who qualed: Douglas Adam Speight & Andres Ramos
  12. ElThies

    Case Book

    Can you consult Naomi?
  13. EDIT: Olathe Northwest will not supply liquor in the hospitality room. We will, however, supply limited amounts of mouthwash to be used sparingly. We hope that this will not change anybody's plans on judging at our tournament. I don't know, but I am now a little scared to go to SMW this weekend.
  14. We are still looking for judges for all prelim rounds and most all elim rounds. If you wouldn't mind judging a few rounds (unlikely) and wouldn't mind waking up at an ungodly hour to head on over to Olathe Northwest (even more unlikely), please PM me or shoot me an email (jdthies<at>gmail<dot>com). It would be greatly appreciated. On the up side, I hear we usually have a more-than-legit hospitality room. Unfortunately, I cannot speak from experience because Mr. Anderson would rather see me, and all the other ONW debaters, starve than risk us taking a brownie that some bus driver was eyeing, so I have never been inside the actual room.
  15. ElThies

    Washburn Rural

    The Olathe Northwest Debate Squad officially apologizes for accidentally allowing Matt Haynes know about the existence of cross-x and subsequently, letting him create an account and post. We are assuming he found it when trying to figure out what the "Thursday File" was and where to locate it. Specifically, we would like to apologize to deskboy for the presumptuous and mildly rude tone of Matt's response. He does not understand some of the intricacies of timekeeping as he has been at some type of camp this summer at which they have a very, very poor timekeeping regimen. He also may still be recuperating from the forensics season where typically, he gets very confused by the numerous different timing limits. Additionally, Olathe Northwest Debate does not take a stance on the issue of the Tournament of Champions. The ideas and opinions expressed by Matt Haynes do not necessarily reflect the opinions of our squad. We will make sure this doesn't happen again.
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