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  1. Are you riding with me jessica? Paul asked me for a ride.
  2. Does anyone have the ability to get the tourny calendar feature of the forum up and running again? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. i'm in. just tell me what to do.
  4. Does anyone have any information on this event? Maybe an invitation or even a contact?
  5. Does anyone have the correct list of the open division speakers?
  6. i work at a cicis. its so sketchy. don't go. its bad news.
  7. bring a fan also...i recommended a brita pitcher because the water tastes really bad up there
  8. jesse and i are going to be coach-less for our senior season unless you count dave bassett, but he is more of a mascot anyway =]. zach stachowski is moving to Massachusetts at the end of this month so i guess we're on our own. aside from the two of us competing varsity, we'll have 1 jv team and at least one novice team. we're working on recruiting more but just like everyone else, our administration is trying to suffocate debate out of existence.
  9. Katie Stoecker Dakota High School, macomb mi Rising Senior 2a/1n I'll be returning to the 3 week my partner jesse sivec will be doing the same camp. hes a rising senior as well
  10. haha my partner and i and our friends went off campus all the time. there are like boundaries of where you can go but theres no way to enforce it. we also broke curfew all the time. and the no girls on the guys floor and vice versa rule. you can get away with anything if you're crafty.
  11. Dave Bassett decided dakota should host one. would anyone be interested in attending if we were to go though this?
  12. i went to the 3 week last year and it was amazing. a really learned and improved a ton. i'll probably be going back to the three week this summer. I'd love to go to the 4 week but again, its pretty expensive.
  13. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/01/080103144404.htm Some Biofuels Are Worse Environmentally Than Fossil Fuels, Analysis Shows ScienceDaily (Jan. 7, 2008) — Biofuels reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in comparison to fossil fuels. Smithsonian researchers highlight a new study that factors in environmental costs of biofuel production. Corn, soy and sugarcane come up short. The authors urge governments to be far more selective about which biofuels they support, as not all are more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. Because fossil fuels contribute to global warming and supplies are dwindling, more eco-friendly alternatives are required. However, biofuels may not be superior if their production results in environmental destruction, pollution and damage to human health, argue postdoctoral fellow Jörn Scharlemann and William Laurance, staff scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. A new study by Zah et al., commissioned by the Swiss government, calculates the relative merits of 26 biofuels based on relative reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions and an environmental-impact index, which includes damages to human health and ecosystems and natural resource depletion. The Swiss study identifies striking differences in the environmental costs of different biofuels. Fuels made from U.S. corn, Brazilian soy and Malaysian palm oil may be worse overall than fossil fuels. The best alternatives include biofuels from residual products, such as recycled cooking oil and ethanol from grass or wood. The Zah et al. study falls short in that it fails to consider secondary consequences of biofuels, such as rising food costs, but it is a big step forward in providing a way to compare the environmental benefits and costs of dozens of different biofuels. "Different biofuels vary enormously in how eco-friendly they are," said Laurance. "We need to be smart and promote the right biofuels, or we won't be helping the environment much at all." Journal article: Scharlemann, JPW and Laurance, WF (2008); "How Green are Biofuels?" Science 319: 52-53 Adapted from materials provided by Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS.
  14. When my partner and I were running the lcea politix scenario our warming impact was turned a couple of times. I was shocked that someone would really go that route the first time i heard it.
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