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  1. what do you have to trade
  2. JHCP

    PIC Perms

    So the 2AC should do this 1. PICS bad theory...Its a tough spot to defend, espicially if its a no-clash, PIKY PIC that completely jacks the aff. 2. PIC justifies severance perm... 3. severance good 4. Perm, do both (this is gonna be severance, but you should maintain its not) 5. If its a PIC that makes a moderately competitive exclusion that has a clear reason behind it, run "what they are excluding good" - espically if they PIC out of countries and stuff, you should have generic straight turns this year. 6. Oh, and don't forget, turn the lousy NB they are happening to run and make the PIC less comp. than it already is. And why are Exclusion Cp Genocidal
  3. JHCP

    PIC Perms

    Like they say AFF-Increas PHA to all SUB Sharan Africa NEG-PIC exclude 1 specific Country let say Zimbabwe AFF- answer with theory and what else
  4. Peace Corps or Doctors with out borders
  5. How much money should you bring to to camp like Miami of Ohio
  6. So I good Solvency Mech would be to educate local SSB governments on practices that Prevent std's and HIV/Aids
  7. Would consider condoms a Good way of stopping HIV/AIDS in Africa
  8. JHCP

    PIC Perms

    How do you answer a PIC Cp
  9. so find evidence talking about how the US is the best actor the job and what would you exclude
  10. Maternal & Infant Health Aff Contention 1: Inherency the U.S Agency for international development (AID) is focused on population control and not reproduction health Reproductive Health Care is not included in Women's Health Care Contention 2 Harms: Harms Women's Health 16 women die a day of pregnancy-related complications IN africa, Women Have 1:27 Chance of Dying from pregnacy-related 150,000 Maternal Deaths in Africa A year Patriarchy Adequate Health care is the foundation of women's rights Patriarchy is the root of the wars system Women's rights are critical to the survival of the world Infant& Child Mortality sub- Saharan Africa Infant morality is High High infant morality threatens the community and the foundation of governance Disease-induced state collapse will spread throughout the entire continent and risk the collapse of the U.S. The weaker the state, the greater the risks of violence and ethnic conflict, particular when combined with resource shortages. These ethnic conflicts will escalate to regional wars Genocide Outweighs all impacts PLAN: THE UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD PROVIDE NECESSARY ASSISTANCE to and for adequate child reproductive health care in Sub-Sharan Africa, Including the intergration of father-to-child programs Solvency Polices should be focused on the health and reproductive needs of women Strengthening reproductive rights and opportunities is critical to challenge patriarchy Father- child programs must be intergrated into Mother-child programs Improving Reproductive Health reduces Mother and Child Mortality (I just typed out he tag for each different card in my 1AC)
  11. JHCP


    Willing to trade for a really good Framework email or pm me (the1debator@yahoo.com)
  12. JHCP

    [AFF] Blood Diamonds

    I need to learn how to write a critical affirmative if this aff is ever going to be cut
  13. JHCP

    [AFF] Blood Diamonds

    The only way this case will topical is if you help out all the people who got parts of their bodies amputated in Thee republic of Sierra Leone and then going the rest K
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