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  1. Anyways, to put the thread that myself and others took elsewhere back on track, I too am looking forward to the national qualifier (especially since I know Stone and the whole Derby crew will be working hard to get a great pool set up). Good Luck to all. By the way, does anyone know if those of us in South Kansas are going to be able to send 3 teams again?
  2. 1) again, WTF. Your second statement (first post) didn't make sense and neither does the second "sentence" on this post 2) Sorry I wasen't able to understand your intent
  3. Once-Ler

    KS @ Caucus

    Anyone know if Geoffery was at JDI?
  4. Answers: 1) Your "affirmative is being abusive to the neg because the aff gets to choose from many topics while the neg has to do an infinite search to prepare" is checked back by the NEG being able to make abuse claims and Topicality arguments 2) Without abuse arguments being evaluated in rounds then the AFF (or NEG, really) can do what ever the hell they feel like and never have to worry about the abuse debate (granted, you can do pretty much whatever the hell you want anywho but it is the fear of abuse claims against you that check back some bad argumentation) 3) Sure, there are always other issues but abuse is something that can be a very solid argument (and very easy to expand on in the rebuttals)
  5. ...WTF I got confused by your verb tenses/spelling. Should he have already known that or do you know that he already knew it?
  6. Predicted Qualifiers from South Kansas: Dykes/Partner ? ?
  7. Inh. There were just about 6900 troops sent to the Congo The troops just got a broader mandate The mission was recently renewed Solvency (If they're Inh post-dates your cards/UN action described above) Why isn't the SQ Solving? More Troops won't solve Money won't Solve T Support - whatever they give, just run a def that isn't that DAs Military Overstretch World Government
  8. My opinion: 1) Say they must prove the abuse by pinpointing how its abusive (ground lost, etc.) 2) Don't vote on abuse, look at the substance in the round 3) Other stuff checks the abuse (CrossX, Literature, etc.)
  9. Once-Ler


    Kaitlyn already said this but it can't be stressed enough...Split up the NEG block (2NC/1NR) This is important because it is the way the NEG combats the AFF having the first and last speeches. One really good strategy I've seen teams use is for the 2NC to take almost every argument and then for the 1NR to take only 1 or 2 (the ones you think you are winning the most) I stress this for 3 reasons: 1) No one every tod me to split up the block until I went to camp after my novice year 2) It is strategically important 3) It makes a novice 1AC cry.
  10. This year we're having "varsity" and "open" while the school to the south (Ark City) (about 7-10 miles away) will most probably be offerring a novice throw-down. We plan to break to quarters and I'm trying to stock the varsity division judging pool with as many "Champ"-esque judges as I possibly can. <plea for judges> Any judges that would be interested, please PM/email : 7837376johntheempire@gmail.com (remove the numbers...spam) While I can't make any certain promises, I can say that I will sincerely try to keep the college judges and former debaters in the Varsity division. I'll also be on AIM: johntheempire </plea for judges>
  11. Winfield plans to be in attendance. No numbers.
  12. I agree...specifics in plan are very neccisary with this case. I wouldn't go for the "Do we have intel on PKOs?" arg because 1)That's not an arg. and 2)Thery're solvency ev. should hint (at the least) that we have intel that would help the UN in regards to PKOs. Go for nonspecific off case. Counterplans don't work too well because any decent team that got the camp files will have lots of ev that talks about the US having superiour intel to any nation or international organization...perhaps a Consult CP might work well.
  13. Answer: The US is not capable of suggesting military operations should have exit strategies. The US recently asked the UN for help in Iraq. Who needs the exit strategy now?
  14. Net Benifit: Not evoking the wrath of the holy one and pissing off the anti-christ.
  15. Not allowed, eh? Who is it that could hold oneself down? Could that be.....THE MAN!! We should all show up and do the "Arkansas City High School Sodomite Death Dance"
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