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  1. i am interested in coaching a team/teams at this tournament. john cook johntheempire<at>gmail.com baylor debate.
  2. The best solution after trying: scripting my own in AppleScript - easy language but tedious scripting and I had difficulty finding the available classes and how they change over the course of program use according to user-input (namely, selection of text) OpenOffice - did not support the VBA-side scripts for remove softies or TOC NeoOffice - similar story though, were it to support my template, this is by far the smallest, most effecient office suite for the Mac I've used. some templates for 08 - worked alright but without VBA scripting, it was difficult So, after all this, I just tried going to an older version of Word (04). Templates work flawlessly, it seems to load and quit faster than Word 08, AND navigation of 04 is more intuitive than '08 (at least, for me as a recent Windows-transplant). Just thought I might document my solutions in case others confront this problem.
  3. I am looking for an evidence production template compatible with office 08 for mac that also provides two things: 1. keyboard shortcuts for it's macros (underline, highlight, and other formatting) 2. a "remove soft returns" macro which eliminates the pesky thin columns of text that you often copy and paste. if anyone has something that meets this description, let me know. thanks.
  4. Read "The Fragmentary Demand" by Ian James. There is a pretty succinct flushing out of Nancy's work on the community and some pretty useful histories (if you will) of how community has been thought before Nancy (touching on Heidegger and Bataille as well as others).
  5. You know, I've heard that Baker has gotten a lot better
  6. If I were back in town, Chief might be forced to let WinPoria debate again or at least get on the same ridiculous panel.
  7. "Christians...blahblah...persecuation...blahblah." This pales in comparison to the legend and lore surrounding XXXMas. Ask your neighborhood porn star and gather 'round close to hear a tale...
  8. Merry XXXMas to all.
  9. The Blake tournament is quite fun (if you can stomach the unfortunate transport there). I drove there from Texas last year in a car with no heater and still found it well worth it.
  10. This also means that you all should be on the lookout for my name on the strike sheets. The instructions are usually simple so I don't anticipate judging all that many debates.
  11. Contracts are not available. I've gotten hired though proving that there are schools who will hire ANYTHING.
  12. The "bottom" for bid-seeking teams at KCKCC is bound to be HUGE and despite while Caucus also has a sizable bottom, it's bound to be nothing like KCKCC where a great many of the debaters will be getting their first "circuit style" experience or at least their only annual one (arguably so given the heavy influence of regional practices so of which don't make sense to the larger community caused by the utilization of coaches in the judging pool). In short, teams looking to go out on this weekend and pick the easier tournament to recieve a bid at will meet you in KC (not that this is the only reason for attending; obviously it's close, cheap, and a well-run tournament as I recall). Teams looking for a tournament that might match their at-large application a little better or looking to evade the unknown variables known as "Coach from Bumblefuck A" will meet you in Iowa (ugh). Neither tournament is "better" but I imagine the experiences vary greatly.
  13. How might judges go about procuring contracts from the tournament?
  14. Anyone who is able to but does not compete in the freestyle division is not living with Christ in their hearts. That is a fact!
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