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  1. Mike_D


    attorney-client neg/aff coast guard neg ban the draft aff pm or aim: roach cx
  2. bump. does anyone have this?
  3. if someone has the affirmative that UTNIF put out on the oceans topic please contact me. i think this file was also called "the beach" or something like that. email: brian.roach at gmail.com aim: roach cx thanks.
  4. no problem. i got it already.
  5. it's true. i've already god gdi so i'm looking for ddi.
  6. butch, i got you covered with golan and georgia. -roach
  7. so do people have this or not?
  8. the one from the Feldman/Strange lab.
  9. if anyone has this contact me. i'll trade. aim: roach cx email: brian.roach@gmail.com
  10. i'm looking for the beach aff from UTNIF last year. if anyone has it pm me or get me on aim: roach cx
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