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  1. Synecdoche, New York Kids Brazil The Princess Bride Paris, Je T'aime Honorable Mention: Snakes on a Plane!
  2. Jiggle Billy

    League of Legends

    Meeee (but only when I come home from college, since I don't own a PC). My main is Taric. Hit me up for a game if you see me on, username is "faue".
  3. The criticism is of the way the affirmative represents the world. There are two general reasons why "alt doesn't solve other instances" isn't a good response. The first is a generic framework argument, and is usually articulated as such: "You wouldn't give a team a pass for using sexist or racist language, so you shouldn't either for this sort of harmful rhetoric." The premise is that the words we use matter and shape real-world policy by shaping the way we view the world. The second argument is that even without an alternative, the K demonstrates that the affirmative makes the world worse in some way, even if it is only marginally, and thus should be voted down. A third argument that is tangentially related would be that because the affirmative misidentifies the cause of their harms, they won't be able to solve and thus fail to meet stock issue burdens.
  4. I can't speak for Ankur, but I don't trust politicians in general, and the ones running for president tend to be totally unqualified for the job (mostly because there doesn't seem to be anyone out there qualified for such a job that wouldn't become corrupt or crack under the pressure). On top of that, I think the voting process in the United States is absolutely horrendous and discourages anyone from running who a) doesn't have $10,000 to pony up just for the running fee (ignoring campaigning costs) and isn't a party whore. However, I still want to express my dissatisfaction, and not voting seems like the lazy option; thus, for me, it's no contest.
  5. A++, would LOL again Chances are good I will be voting "No Contest" as a write-in again. Was disappointed when I found out it's not an option on the ballot.
  6. For your second question, check out "How Do You Make Yourself a Body without Organs?" from ATP. They spend the first two pages answering exactly what you're asking.
  7. I lol'd out loud. If that was really a freestyle, I'm actually somewhat impressed. As ridiculous as the lyrics are, he has a decent flow and can actually rhyme pretty well off the top of his head. /I dislike his studio shit as much as the next person who isn't a 13 year old girl, but I calls them as I sees them.
  8. Things like this make me mad. Even for the bigots, this should be a non-issue when compared to abortion (in their minds, anyway, since my understanding of the conservative position is that it is tantamount to genocide - not that I agree), factory farming, poverty, exploitation, human trafficking and the like. Just another instance of how The Media has the privileged position of selecting which issues become politicized. No one should even be talking about it; it matters that little.
  9. Yeah, I was upset about this too
  10. I just smoked a blunt, so I am getting a kick out of this thread... also, I am getting a kick out of how weird my hand looks, duuuuude!
  11. I bet Dan Gilbert wishes he had predicted Lebron leaving for the Heat.
  12. Hm. I guess I'll be the first to say that I was unimpressed. Maybe because it draws comparisons to other movies that I thought were superior (the first Matrix, Synecdoche, New York), or maybe because it was hyped so much, but I was underwhelmed.
  13. I'm not sure I understand the question. They get sent to my RSS feed (I use NetNewsWire) and I can scroll through them to see 1 line summaries of each article. If it seems interesting or relevant to me, I'll read it - otherwise, I'll just skip over it (like the hundreds of articles that were posted regarding vuvuzelas). Also - Ian, how long does it take you to read through your feeds, and how often do you check it?
  14. Fashion Lookbook.nu Music Pitchfork News BBC - Americas BBC - Front Page News BBC - The Middle East Fark.com Satire The Onion Science BBC - Science Fark Geek Lifehacker Webcomics A Softer World Dinosaur Comics Cyanide and Happiness Invisible Hair Suit Perry Bible Fellowship Questionable Content xkcd
  15. Kevin - Isn't that the cause D&G take up in part during ATP? In the Micropolitics plateau, they write, "Only microfascism provides an answer to the global question: Why does desire desire its own repression, how can it desire its own repression?" The desire for stability and closure, were it fulfilled, would mean the end of desire itself - and paradoxically, it is desired to maintain the body of the desiring-machine (no pain, no conflict, the neurotic's wet dream) - that is, to make sure desire doesn't push the body over the edge... so, like an ellipse, we are sometimes closer to the object of our desire, sometimes further, but never quite reach it.
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