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  1. hello team captain

  2. manella

    FFL Novice States

    Quinn Zemel and Amrit Basu from Pine Crest won on a 4-1 decision. Congratulations on this victory.
  3. manella

    FFL Novice States

    No, but they're calling me with updates. Finals just finished. Winners will be announced at the award ceremony.
  4. manella

    FFL Novice States

    It's Quinn Zemel and Amrit Basu. Good luck to PC -- let's have a repeat of our 2005 victory.
  5. manella

    FFL Novice States

    Finals: Ft Lauderdale PS (aff) vs. Pine Crest ZB (neg)
  6. Hi, the team of Pine Crest MT is looking to hire a coach for the Barkley Forum at Emory on Janurary 25-27. Please e-mail david.manella@pinecrest.edu if you are interested/available. Thank you.
  7. Hey Everyone, I am putting together the Crestian casebook. Please pm me with your 1AC outline so that I can have the casebook ready for the tournament. Thank you, we'll see you next weekend.
  8. We do have some out of state teams coming in for policy
  9. Who won the round robin?
  10. Congratulations to Chris and Tyler from Ft. Lauderdale on their first bid.
  11. David Manella got accepted Pine Crest School, Florida 1A/2N
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