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  1. Does the Seattle campus have a team?
  2. does anyone have any official evidence of this rule change? if so, can you link me the amendment to the Idaho Debate Code please? I dont see it on the Idaho Activities website...
  3. My name is Alex Abel and I am looking to judge/coach at Gonzaga. I debated in the Pacific Northwest at Boise High School and am currently a debater for NYU. I was in bid rounds in high school, in addition to being 2nd speaker at Whitman and 5th speaker at Alta my senior year. If you are interested please contact me as soon as possible at ada301 at nyu dot edu Thanks
  4. also i forgot to mention that Bsteyn and Buntin will not be working scholars this year but Leah Moczulski and Eric Lanning will be leading the lab with jason and sarah for this summer. Leah and Eric are fabulous people and debaters. Together they went to semi-finals of the TOC and are both very accomplished and respected throughout the college circuit currently. I personally had Leah as a coach after my scholars experience. I loved having Leah as a coach and meant, not only is she super cute and fun but she knows a thing or two about winning debates as well. That tournament my partner and I went undefeated in prelims and were in a bid round and I know that much of our success was due to the coaching of Leah. Basically she is SASHA FIERCE. WORK WORK GIRL
  5. i loved scholars and gdi 4-week but i learned a lot from both. I cut more cards from scholars and worked with great lab leaders and learned a lot from my fellow scholars. as for social life, i was really fun and popular, so i managed to have fun even when i was cutting cards!
  6. does anyone know what happened in the Boise v gig round?
  7. Can someone please post octos pairings and results if they are out yet?
  8. alexabel


    does anyone have a schedule for this tournament or an invitation? that would be great
  9. alexabel


    i am also available for judging, do not need housing or transportation. email me at alexabel@cableone.net
  10. I was a scholar last year and was in a similar situation (I was going to another debate camp that started a week before GDI ended and I wanted to leave early). I emailed Glen and he was not too keen on the idea of me leaving earlier considering the camp tournament is an integral part of your experience at the GDI and you would be putting another scholar at jeopardey of cheapening their camp experience as well. i hope that helps a little...
  11. my email is alexabel@cableone.net thank you
  12. the hunger aff is on the pnw caselist as well. We will most likely be reading great apes and hunger @ state. we might break a new aff for fun though!
  13. Our aff's are on the PNW casebook. if you would like to email me your 1AC's i would appreciate it. We also broke a hunger aff this weekend. and if you email me i will give you cites to that as well.
  14. L107 was Boise Abel/Engstrom
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