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  1. Thanks Ben. I might add that my mother voted for you that rounds... she said that you were good. I should also thank everyone for being so patient with all the chaos and the lateness of the tournament. More importantly... all the coachs for helping re-schedule and for being kind despite our lack of rediness.
  2. The word is that there are about 10 schools that are going to be in attendance this weekend. We are running Novice and Varsity Policy debate and the rest of the events you all are accustom to.
  3. As of right now, I myself have no clue who's gonna be coming. I'll post what I know for sure as soon as I can.
  4. The best team won the game... that's all there is to say about it. Reesing couldn't handle the pressure. Mizzou's defensive philosophy of bending but not breaking was the difference. The game wasn't as close as the score, Mizzou is in a different leauge than KU... Mizzou has the toughest game of the season ahead of them now. They are a different team than what they were at the start of the season, with focus and energy. OU has no clue what is about to hit them!!
  5. As of right now, we're running open and novice cx.... sorry.... but we really do intend on it being a well run tournament
  6. The date is going to be the first weekend of January like usual(4th and 5th.) We're hoping to have a lot of schools attendance for competitions sake. We intend on having novice and open policy. If all goes the way we plan, we will be using the high school for varsity and the elementary school located next to the high school for novice if need be. If anyone has any questions, here would be a great place to ask them.
  7. Tedmonds


    The tournament was well run... It would have been nice to have a few more judges that knew what was going on in quarters... but then again... I was in reg
  8. Tedmonds


    It's like they don't want us to run anything interesting at all... Ah Missouri Debate, you never cease to amaze me!
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