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  1. your profile picture is absurd

  2. this is probably the comment most indicative of this thread
  3. Finals was Ingraham DS vs Puyallup JK It was a 2-1 for Puyallup
  4. I know this is late but since I just found out I'm not going to CEDA Nats I have this weekend open. My name's Jake Novack and I'm a freshman policy debater for the University of Puget Sound. I debated 4 years at San Dieguito Academy in Southern California mainly debating Nat'l circuit tournaments in the Southwest/West. I'm down to judge however many rounds needed, I live in the dorms so transport/food is not an issue. Any payment would most certainly be appreciated. Thanks, Jake jnovack@pugetsound.edu
  5. i have the same question, about flowing on a laptop, but i have a PC. in case that changes things...
  6. Jake Novack University of Puget Sound im gonna be debating...ahh yeeeee
  7. Southern California District Qualifiers 1) Jake Novack/Mitchell Fierro-San Dieguito Academy 2) Adrianna Lucero/Sherry Jiang-La Costa Canyon 1st Alt: St. Margarets.....no clue their names
  8. adrianna, all you had to do is email around, im sure the majority of the ppl in our district do not use cross-x. there will be 10 teams so dont worry
  9. attn moderator of this section, this thread can be deleted as the issue has been dealt with. thanks
  10. does anyone happen to have the michigan 7wk XO cp file that was put out during this topic? it would be greatly appreciated
  11. *bump* i'd appreciate this being dealt with asap
  12. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Needs More Consult Japan again.
  13. anyone in charge of the actual Evazon accounting/finance system should please check the cross-x email system.....thanks
  14. Joy of Tournaments entry list as of 8:07 PM 01/06/10 Varsity Policy Student School Tim Borgerson - Zach Markovich Ashland (OR) High School Willis Plummer - Jane Eisenberg Ashland (OR) High School Dante Toppo - Ryan Mills Ashland (OR) High School Madison Rodabough - Hayden Warren bingham Ashley Hellebuick - Brandon Huynh bingham Matthew Gomez - Megan Harrison bingham Zachary Pribyl - Radha Inguva Canyon Springs High School Daron Bigby - Troi Thomas Canyon Springs High School Joseph Yun - Nisarg Patel Chandler Chloe Coughlin-Schulte - Justin Mardjuki College Prep Carlos Penikis - Jordan Trafton College Prep Alec Pillsbury - Robbie Newell College Prep Priyanka Krishnamurthy - Joe Donaghy Coppell High School Pablo Gannon - Reid Ehrlich-Quinn Damien High School Alex Velto - Nadeem Farooqi Damien High School Eric Berggren - Richard Mancuso Damien High School Jacob Diaz - Steven Cassettari Damien High School Will Dornbrook - Evan Kleiner Douglas High School Nicole Romaneschi - Roy Dornbrook Douglas High School Flynn Makuch - Alex Pappas Glenbrook North Vinay Sridharan - Alexis Shklar Glenbrook North Grace Zhang - Rachel Boroditsky Glenbrook North Jaret Kanarek - Jake Saltzman Glenbrook South High School Jonathan Choi - Phillip Han Glenbrook South High School Alexis Neel - Jadon Montero Green Valley HS Soona Amhaz - Sam Shields Green Valley HS Kyle Eriksen - Kevin Molina Green Valley HS Christine Ko - Alena Kiki Green Valley HS Christian Friedrich - Arash Roohani Green Valley HS Kevin Carrera - Quinton McKnight Green Valley HS Kevin Cong - Harry Garrett Green Valley HS Jorge Toledo - Greg Adler Gulliver Prep Abe Totapally - Mercy Corredor Gulliver Prep Cooper Shear - Philip Holsted Heritage Hall Khalid Sharif - Noga Ardon Highland High School Evan Bradley - Zac Belnap Highland High School Nicholas Roberts - Augustus Schwab Juan Diego Catholic High School Kathryn Roberts - Aniela Butler Juan Diego Catholic High School Andrew Moyle - Henry Schwab Juan Diego Catholic High School Adam Schmidt - Macauly Berg Juan Diego Catholic High School Adrianna Lucero - Jonathan Barsky La Costa Canyon High School EDDIE CAMACHO - CHARLIE STEPHENS Law Magnet High School Brian Yeh - Shriya Samarth Leland High School Jeff Huang - Felix Tran Leland High School Max Chaffetz - Cade Cottrell Lone Peak High school Shannon Blackham - Dillon Olson Lone Peak High school Kyrsten Woolstenhulme - Josh Green Lone Peak High school Gannon Nelson - Ryan Marcus Los Alamos High School Donald Virts - Tristan Paguio Loyola High School Benson Tang - Pavan Upadhyayula Lynbrook High School Bri Hargan - Brian Gonzaba Millard South Connor Haggerty - Tyler Snelling Millard South Daniel Agness - Ben Menzies Nevada Union HS Sierra Winkler - Luz Brown Nevada Union HS Jake Lerner - Sean Fitzhenry Nevada Union HS Dylan Fitzwater - Olivia Weilmann-Lawrence Nevada Union HS Parth Khatri - William Snyder New Trier Township High School Nathan Bennett - Pear Dhiantravan New Trier Township High School Randy Rossman - Teddy Kontopoulos New Trier Township High School Mara Farcasanu - Wenli Dai New Trier Township High School Lindsey Marinello - Rebecca West New Trier Township High School Evelyn No - Jackson Challinor New Trier Township High School Andrew McLoon - George Paguio Notre Dame High School Chris Ceron - Marian Grau Notre Dame High School Cristina Cambianica - Russell Whitman Notre Dame High School Morgan Titcher - Joey Dalla Betta Notre Dame High School Abby LaPier - Grace Donzelli Palo Alto High School Chloe Chen - Nate Munger Palo Alto High School Alex LeNail - Christy Barry Palo Alto High School Samantha Hauser - Allison Hauser Palo Verde High School Jordan Friedman - Aria Thaker Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School Annie White - Caroline Nielsen Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School Hope Delap - Christopher Sundquist Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School Ryan Dhindsa - Andrew Welcome Sage Ridge School Chander Ramesh - Katrina Kaiser Saint Francis High School (Mountain View) Ish Arora - Sanjana Parikh Saint Francis High School (Mountain View) Todd Wickizer - TJ Weimar Salpointe Catholic High School Kianna Eberle - Megan Gaffney San Dieguito High School Academy Ethan Pawson - Brian Bordley St. Vincent De Paul High School Nicole Gokcebay - Kara Flageollet St. Vincent De Paul High School Jesse Manek - Laynie Stephens St. Vincent De Paul High School Hisa Tome - Ryan Atkinson St. Vincent De Paul High School James Fidler - Matt Aguirre St. Vincent De Paul High School Adam Perelman - Arjun Mody The Harker School Policy 3 - Policy 4 The Meadows School Policy 1 - Policy 2 The Meadows School Policy 5 - Policy 6 The Meadows School Maddie Langr - Corinne Sugino West High Joaquin Galvan - Erika Wilson West High edit: @ neg repper, i appreciate the hospitality, you must be super cool
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