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  1. i didn't run it at camp. and every round where we've gone for it in the 2NR, me and nick have picked up. So I'd say we have enough leg to stand on.
  2. yeah, but this thread is about nuclear leading to extinction. not internals to nuclear war. um, except for the presence of post-colonialist bonds. (i.e. england and south africa, germany and angola). and the best possible explanation for outside powers being drawn in is resources, which isn't even in the deutsch card.
  3. nick, my partner, first this isn't a terminal impact for nuclear war. it's just an internal from african instability to nukes. also, i'd like to see if you could find any decent warrants in the card. i know we read this card in rounds, but still... it's not good.
  4. I personally think that all of the theoretical objections to politics disads are quite terrible. It's like, A. Kills fiat ground – now we’re debating how the plan passes instead of whether or not it should. B. Unpredictable Lit – there’s a million different authors that print shitty politics evidence. C. Unpredictable scenarios – there are so many different bills and orders in the USFG, we don’t know them all. D. Perm: Do plan and legislative action specified by the neg’s uniqueness evidence. E. It’s artificial – that’s bad because it promotes any DA that has a vague link to the aff. F. This is all a voter for fairness.
  5. Frey says that even if the public says no, policy makers will become aware of the subject at hand and implement favorable planks of the policy. The way our government currently operates is in a representative form, which would be normal means. By altering policy making to a directly democratic form, it's not normal means anymore. And it definitely negates the resolution enough. First of all it violates "Resolved" because action is not immediate. Secondly, it can't fully be considered "USFG" because a referendum works outside of the bounds of our current government system. (national referendums are unconstitutional) Kunal, most of the answers you subscribed apply to almost every CP anyway. As for you solvency deficit and perm arguments, cross apply my answers from above.
  6. Except for the fact that I'm not joking. If you're going to make a perm, Severance bad. NB's link to agency, CP competes. If you're going to claim solvency deficit, We have a shit load of ev that says the US public loves your foreign aid programs. They will vote yes. Even if they say no, our Frey in '03 evidence indicates the desirable parts of the plan will be influenced and implemented. Go ahead and straight turn the NB's. Politics/Direct Democracy debates are fun.
  7. Um... that was NMD. That politics scenario is so 2005. BMD is the new shit.
  8. In response to GlassCase: Specifically, a spending DA that works off perception links. Because if the bill doesn't go through Congress, it won't be perceived as a loss in fiscal discipline. In response to Sean and his perm: First, the perm would be severing out of the immediacy of the plan. Secondly, the CP still competes via NB's.
  9. The best CP ever is Referendums. It's basically Consult the US public. If you ever need CP solvency, you just pull out your politics links file and find "Plan popular - public" evidence. Because this means public will say yes, CP solves. Also, there are some sweet NB's. Direct Democracy, Spending, Politics
  10. not to mention that the india deal solves proliferation in the Kashmir
  11. k, so this was an aff round at a national circuit tourney. 2NC was 8 minutes of fem. so i was like, "i ain't gonna do no woman debate." so my 1AR is all condo bad. 2NR totally undercovers. (as in spends 1.5 minutes on condo, then for some reason spends 3.5 on a DA???) so i write out an o/v for my partner and i'm like, "don't fuck up" well we drop. judge is like "yeah, going into the 2AR, i was 90% sure that the aff was going to win. well, i was wrong."
  12. yeah, but someone jacked my copy. and i couldn't find the fourth week files online, either.
  13. I desperately need files on the following: Space Militarization Aff (From last year) Direct Democracy DA Deleuze and Guattari K I have a lot of files on me, I'm willing to get ripped off for these files. You don't need all three, if you could just trade me some for one of them that'd be great. Thanks! Trevor Aufderheide Edina High School '10
  14. we have a two second aspec shell. owned.
  15. results are on joy of tournaments now.
  16. Blake LM v.s. GBN MS Eagan GG v.s. HP LJ GBN OZ advances Gulliver MM v.s. Dowling NA Sibley BW v.s. Lane Tech LH HP GO v.s. New Trier PL KCC BW advances Moorhead SS v.s. Wayzata BZ Oak Park LS v.s. Wayzata F Oak Park PM v.s. Gulliver AF SME KL v.s. KCC EB SMW WM v.s. Eagan PM SPC KQ v.s. Wayzata HS Walter Payton RT Advances Wayzata SB v.s. Cedar Rapids KC Wichita East LA v.s. Edina SM
  17. misspell or just some school I don't know about? cuz there's an eagan team in MN.
  18. Congress Votes to Repeal Global Gag Rule Tod Preston, Population Action International on September 7, 2007 - 10:20am ...Last night, despite President Bush's veto threat, the Senate passed the FY 2008 State-Foreign Operations Appropriations bill (by a vote of 81-12) that includes significant provisions overturning destructive policies on family planning and HIV/AIDS. Thanks to the leadership and commitment of Senators Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA), the Senate bill not only includes the identical measures in the House-passed bill (H.R. 2764) -- exempting contraceptives from the Global Gag Rule and repealing the abstinence-only funding restrictions for HIV prevention programs -- it goes even further by repealing the Gag Rule entirely. This repudiation of some of the most egregious and harmful aspects of U.S. international family planning and reproductive health policy marks a major -- and long overdue -- victory for sound public health. And to put it in historical perspective, the Senate vote today is the first time since the Gag Rule has been in force -- from 1984 to 1993 and again since 2001 -- that both the House and the Senate have passed legislation to repeal or modify the restriction. This is significant in light of the all-important showdown that looms with the White House over President Bush's threatened veto of the entire $34 billion foreign assistance bill over the Gag Rule provisions. The Senate 53-41 vote in favor of an amendment to repeal the Gag Rule, sponsored by Senators Boxer (D-CA) and Snowe (R-ME), is a victory for the tens of millions of poor women overseas who have been victimized by the Gag Rule and lack basic reproductive health care such as contraceptives. It's a powerful recognition of the Gag Rule's devastating impact on family planning programs... Thoughts?
  19. the PHS debate coach has ben and hal debate for her. they break to finals and hit ginny/indian guy. its a tough debate, but in the middle of his 1AR, hal cracks. just like ben did one year previous. as ginny goes up to accept her prize, she realizes it has been stolen. knowing the culprit, she heads for the janitors closet. there, a heated hookup ensues between hal and ginny. and thus, the credits roll.
  20. ehh, i don't think it's really that hard to figure out what the ending would've been anyways... plus, after he gets DQ-ed from the tourney, there's really no point to continuing. soundtrack was awesome. go violent femmes! both the main character and the girl did amazing acting jobs.. hal was awkward, ginny was a bitch. although it wasn't exactly true to the nature of policy debate, i still think it was a much better effort than Debating Robert Lee or Listen to me. overall, i'd have to say thumbs up. it's worth a watch.
  21. in response to coolmew, yes, i believe nuking the hell out of the place where aid is going would make it competitive... the only truly effective perm would be timeframe lol... as for the corruption net ben for Ban Aid, i mean that corruption would be strongest as a net benefit for Ban Aid, even if it is non unique. and who doesn't enjoy a good impact debate over malthus lol?
  22. PtxPwner

    debate textbooks

    there is a series of books that provide a nice and easy insight into a lot of the popular debate philosophical authors. it's not debate-specific, but it's definitely helpful. it's called "Communican: the great philosopher series." http://www.communican.org
  23. the name of the CP ur thinking of is Ban Aid CP, and that's best run with Corruption/Klepto as a net ben. but if you really want a crazy round, run Nuke Africa CP with Malthus as a net ben. heheh.
  24. I be going to Concordia's (MN) 3 week, and 1 week K institute the rest of our novii are just going to the 3 week All of our varsity except for a couple are going to DDI.
  25. my parents don't hate debate, but they hated the means by which i started debate. my dad played and coached football for the first 35 years of his life, so when i quit football in favor of debate, i officially had destroyed the meaning of "Like father, like son". and well... my dad prefers me lifting weights and doing running speed drills than lifting tubs and doing speaking speed drills. my mom just doesn't like it that i skip out on orchestra concerts due to debate tournaments. fuck it... debate kicks ass.
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