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  1. yes I mean Charlotte, I just want to get involved in the local group. pos rep for whoever posts awnser
  2. Hello all, I just moved here from Wichita Kansas and i'm wondering what district the Charlete area is in.
  3. name: Tyler Farris High school: Haysville Alternative High School College: Hutch community college (i think, not for sure) Major: Secondary education Debate: yes
  4. Oh and Tyler Farris will be there
  5. Be ready its almost here.
  6. dude im just bored and willing to get a round in before camp,if no wants to i don't think T.V. is a better option.
  7. i am a senior in high school who is in jeffcity for the next few days and im bored as hell, if anyone is intrested id like to have a debate, just pm me.
  8. heres a link already on the site and there other several threads on this server
  9. t-farr


    do you have a link
  10. just so you know if your case runs advantages that stem off of hemp being used as anything but alternative energy you will hit extra T a lot.
  11. Its mostly because new technology was coming out durring the 1930s and it had the potential to compete with synthetic fiber ,plastics, and timber. Soon after propaganda was going around about "reefer madness" and its ability to kill our children so it was outlawed. Its also believed that the fields that would be in competition with hemp made this move to keep there buesnesses alive.
  12. oh my bad i think its a disad that wasn't put into the file but yeah, it says that ssa is reaching a sence of regional dependence, and aid that we sends takes them away from this sence of regional dependece and creates dependece on foriegn sorces.
  13. The only drug based disad against hemp will be using a perception link i think this thread has already disscussed this.
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