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  1. University of Wyoming uses sugarsync, it costs but it some great software haven't had any problems with it.
  2. Sweet program have you thought about making an auto citation for articles? That's one thing that is super time consuming and I know sometimes it won't be accurate at all but I think it could have potential? I'd imagine all you would have to do is figure out how citation machines do it right now and reorganize how you put the citation?
  3. Has anyone heard of this before or used it? I tried to make an account and it comes up with an error about sessions? Just wondering looks cool... http://www.zatasoft.com/machete
  4. "Space... the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before." Aff - build the starship Enterprise.
  5. http://opencaselist.wikispaces.com/Texas+Risha+Bhattacharjee+%26+Neeraja+Koneru http://opencaselist.wikispaces.com/Emory+Lauren+Donnenfeld+and+Elisabeth+McClure+Aff This is stuff from the college topic some of these cards could be good and possibly shape a DA with a little more work. Have fun.
  6. Flowing on paper helps you conceptualize the debate as a whole an see things you can drop that would be beneficial to you. When you're flowing on a laptop you can't spread out the flows on the table and see how each argument interacts with each other. Too many times have I flowed on a laptop and then later when I printed out my flows to do redos realized the flows interacted where it would have been beneficial to kick an advantage, etc. Also I think it screws you up really bad trying to flow and construct a speech off your laptop, just too many things on the laptop. Also you can use shorthand on your paper but on the laptop even with synergy you're pretty limited on shorthand. Excel isn't meant for flowing, until there is a program that is way better for flowing, or meant for flowing, go with paper, you'll be able to make more strategic actions in round.
  7. http://pctabletote.com/ here's others Sears idea Roland Stand http://www.instand.com/instandmenu.shtml http://www.tenniscoachsystems.com/store_images/laptop-tripod-store.htm.php#MotionStation Up for some building?
  8. Feminism has provided no benefit Angry Harry in No Date Given ( “Fools and Feminism”, http://www.angryharry.com/esFoolsandFeminists.htm) Feminism has achieved this for women. Feminism has achieved that for women. But this is just not true. Feminism has achieved very little for women. If anything, it has retarded the progress of women. And, furthermore, it is likely to push back the 'progress' of women in the near future. Women enjoy greater freedoms today because of progress in the areas of science, medicine and technology, not because of feminism. Those who have doubts about this should try to imagine how feminist policies or attitudes could possibly have succeeded 100 years ago - or in impoverished places in the world today. Ask a poor woman in Afghanistan why she still wants to wear the burka when she walks about in the street. Ask her why she would still much prefer to be married to a man who has some real concern for her welfare. Women - feminists or otherwise - have probably always got what they aimed for throughout History. They were biologically designed to manipulate and to use men for their own purposes. This is why they survive in so many circumstances in which men do not. The less harsh is the world outside, and the less vulnerable that women are to it, the more do they venture out into it. When human beings were living in caves the women said to the men, "You go out first." And they did. And this is the way that it has been ever since. But in most societies 'going out first' was not a sign of liberation. And only fools and feminists would think so. It is science, medicine, technology and men that have today 'liberated' western women to an unparalleled degree, not feminism. Relatively safe contraceptive devices and abortion methods have saved them from being burdened by unwanted pregnancies and unwanted offspring. Computerised well-funded welfare systems and incredible economic developments have enabled them to survive without the need for men solely dedicated to their well-being. Going out into the world of work is enormously more pleasant, safe and comfortable than it ever was. Communications, transport and security systems are more widespread, more effective and more powerful by a long way than they were, say, even fifty years ago. These are the sorts of things that have truly 'liberated' women - and, indeed, men. Feminism has been of virtually no significance at all in comparison. Feminism causes extinction Angry Harry in No Date Given ( “The Benefits of Feminism”, http://www.angryharry.com/nobenefitsoffeminism.htm) Furthermore, not only is feminism hugely destructive to any societies that follow it - as per above - but, in the end, such societies will be washed away and completely over-run by those wherein women prefer to stay at home and have children. White western women currently make up some 5% of the Earth's population. In 100 years time, they will barely exist at all. In short, feminism is an ideology that promotes self-extinction. It is a cultural and racial suicide pill. It has no hope of succeeding. It has no hope of surviving. And it is going to cause huge problems to western societies as they slowly continue to decay and decline under its malign and destructive influences. Finally, women are forever being indoctrinated with the view that feminism has brought them great benefits. It has done no such thing. Feminism has retarded the progress of both men and women in very many important areas of their lives.
  9. Everyone in this thread that I've met, I met at Golden-Mullen two years ago. Actually camp but no one remembered me until i said the one that was fast enough to catch up with ninja boy. Oh football/frisbee memories are the best.
  10. 1. Best Varsity Team: Bausch Harper 2. Best Novice team: Fanning Pauli 3. Most Underrated debater: Jared Fanning 4. Best Squad: University of Wyoming 5. Best Affirmative Team: The one that wins 6. Best 1A: One with 30 speaks 7. Best 2A: One with 29.9 speaks 8. Best Negative Team: The one that wins against the best affirmative team 9. Best 1N: really? there is no best 1n here, 1Ns are tools 10. Best 2N: The one that has steered the ship on the right course. 11. Prettiest Speaker: Sarah Palin... oh wait wyoming... hmm... Cynthia Lummis or Cubin 12. Fastest Debater: Akash... he had to run to India and back over Christmas Break 13. Most likely to do well next year: Darshan, he owns THREE hotels... 14. Person most likely to graduate and judge: Darshan... oh wait graduate is the key word 15. Best Judge: Pepper Williams! 16. Coach of the year: Stannard in honor of his retirement 17. Best K debater: The letter J it has lived by K all it's life 18. Best Counterplan debater: You can't counter a plan that's just silly! 19. Best T debater: Ben Berry... Berkley 20. Best partnership: Akash and Allison anyone who still debates after being thrown down and kicked in the head has to have a good partnership. 21. Most Untopical case: Golf courses 22. Best negative position: negative infinity 23. Funniest off case position you saw: umm... let's not go there at all... 24. Favorite tourney: Douglas I swear that edgar would have been mine! 25. Least favorite tourney: The ones with Akash there 26. Scariest Debater: Any worland person 27. Funniest Debater/Coach/Judge: The judge that opted out debate for a humorous duo round. 28. Senior you will miss most: I have no emotions, it interferes with debate.
  11. Sweet it will be nice to see you again. Also, we are staying at the Holiday Inn.
  12. Who all is going? From East it is: Swartz/Petrisin Berry/Godfrey Falzone/Determan It would be great to see everyone else who is going? Also what hotel are you guys staying at? I don't know which one we are yet, I will post it when we do find out.
  13. oh you could still come after maybe and then judge saturday, I'm sure they would love the extra judge. I'm not entirely sure about staying the night we'd have to talk to Ashley about that and I'm not sure but it would be great to have you there.
  14. I would suggest talking to Whitney or I think Zomora/Kringlie(sp?) because they hit the case, and Whitney and a few of the East debaters discussed it.
  15. Leaving at 9:00 A.M. from East why?
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