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  1. South Florida Ransom Everglades: Petros/Swerdlow
  2. https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Auj80qD4ZCRydHRma0hQbWZ0RzZXOHNGdUZQZENYS0E&hl=en#gid=0
  3. IDK. That is just a copy of the CD that they gave the coaches. It was at the end of the 2nd week, and they said that they would put up any new ev on their coaches workshop gmail, but nothing has been added since they gave out the CD.
  4. Jayhawk Debate Institute http://www.mediafire.com/?xkdj07ooh9ntgaa Enjoy.
  5. After speaking to folks at KC Live, I believe that BSS went 2 downs and out in 8, and Parkview is 2 up after 8.
  6. Updated List from Joy, as of Tuesday evening: Aidan Coyle - Shahzad Aslam - Barstow School Molly O'Connor - Rana Aliani - Barstow School Rohun Vaidya - Katie AndersonBarstow School Jared Wright - Conor McMann - Barstow School Leah Barngrover - Brandon Bachar - Barstow School Reid Waldman - Ciera Foreman - Blue Valley North HS Adam Teel - Jimmy Clifford - Buhler High School Britt Bergquist - Chase Lehrman - Cedar Rapids Washignton HS Tracey Cook - Sharon Kann - Cedar Rapids Washignton HS Chris Burbach - Dylan Martinez - Fremont High School Angelica Mercado - Nate Steele - Fremont High School Jay Saker - Preston Schaaf - Fremont Mills Myra Milam - Gray Malkmus - Greenwood Lab Luke Allen - Noah Rocklin - Iowa City High School Stephen Ahal - Rohit Gummi - Marquette High School Cameron Carlson - Brandon Ellet - Marquette High School Matt Johnson - Bayley Flint - Marquette High School Bri Hargan - Brian Gonzaba - Millard South Connor Haggerty - Tyler Snelling - Millard South Ben Karschner - Jacob Christiansen - Millard South Shelby Waldman - Mary Marcum - Millard South Ryan Markus - Shane Adams - Millard West High School Jaritza Medina - Kirsten Blagg - Millard West High School Amen Okundaye - Caitlin Holzem - Neenah High School Matt Heider - Sam Epley - Neenah High School Tim Mastny - Zakk Parlato - Norfolk Senior High School Isaac Alpert - Abby Elmer - The Pembroke Hill School Peter Vale - Thomas Hodgman - The Pembroke Hill School Andy Yu - Mihir Vedantam - The Pembroke Hill School William Sharp - Andie Forsee - The Pembroke Hill School Ross Brown - Matt Kawahara - West Des Moines Valley Allie Windergerst - Natasha Dutta - West Des Moines Valley Takashi Yanagi - Jackson Dunn - West Des Moines Valley
  7. The rankings are according to the NDCA's point structure for the Baker Award, and is also the formula used to gain entry to the NDCA Nationals. The particular ranking in question is only directed toward policy. Also, my apologies to BSS and Marshfield.
  8. Don't forget Barstow, KC Central, Lincoln Prep, Oak Park, Blue Springs, Blue Springs South, Marshfield, Liberty, Pattonville, Parkview and Marquette. I think those are all the schools from Missouri who have competed in at least 1 TOC-level tournament this year. My apologies if I forgot anyone. - Miller
  9. DMiller

    IE: OI

    At most tournaments, prose and poetry are separate events. Each has a time limit of 8 min. Occasionally, tournaments will either combine them into an alternating round format, or combine them into a single event allowing either to be performed in the same round. At state, they are each separate events. - DM
  10. DMiller

    MSHSAA State

    I know District 1 only had one qualifier. I talked to the Warrensburg coach at NFL Districts several weeks ago, and she told me that there were only 2 teams that entered policy at their MSHSAA District tournament, and they were both hers. They had a single run-off round to determine which team qualified. A little digging on the NFL site will tell me which kids lost that round, but there isn't any record of which team is the winning team. Sorry.
  11. DMiller

    MSHSAA State

    Here is what hopefully will become a comprehensive list of qualifiers. Post any new info in the thread, and I will make changes and/or additions. Any disclosure would also be appreciated. District 1 - Central (Hosted @ UCM) Warrensburg A - ??/?? District 2 - Northeast (Hosted @ Rock Bridge) District 3 - Northwest (Hosted @ Oak Park) Liberty IW - Irwin/Wright Park Hill South SW - Schmitz/Werner Savannah BK - Beattie/Kozminski District 4 - St. Louis (Hosted @ Clayton) Clayton NS - Naccarato/Schedl Marquette LM - Liu/Minnes Parkway Central DS - Dardick/Schiel Parkway South CS - Collier/Liang District 5 - Southern (Hosted @ Carthage) Carthage FL - Flanigan/Loveall Monett PW - Petersen/Witt Neosho CJ - Cagle/Jemes Neosho GM - Garrity/Mahr District 6 - South Central (Hosted @ Camdenton) Camdention GL - Green/Leahy Maybe More? My best guess. Still needs confirmation, please. District 7 - Southeast (Hosted @ SEMO) Cape Girardeau Central C? - Camp/? My best guess. Still needs confirmation, please. District 8 - Southwest (Hosted @ MO ST) Greenwood Lab GM - Godwin/Milam Parkview CP - Campbell/Price Springfield Central BP - Brown/Pearson Springfield Central MR - May/Ransin District 9 - West Central (Hosted @ Grandview) Blue Springs DS - Dollar/Selck Blue Springs South GH - Gilmore/Hobbs Pembroke Hill BS - Bolman/Sharp Truman GP - Greenberg/Plott
  12. DMiller

    MSHSAA State

    Blue Springs DS - Lauren Dollar/Mike Selck Blue Springs South GH - Matt Gilmore/Jackson Hobbs Pembroke Hill BS - Brad Bolman/Lewis Sharp Truman GP - Matt Greenberg/Daniel Plott
  13. The #8 seed was Lee's Summit West A, not LS North.
  14. A rundown of Missouri Finalists and Semi-Finalists recognized on the big stage (in the same order as in the results packet): Main Events OO: 3rd - Zach Beattie - Savannah - Won the Final Round 6th - Katie Smith - Pembroke Hill 10th - Cassidy Miller - Parkview DX: 9th - Jason Bell - Ladue FX: 2nd - Omar Qureshi - Monett House: 4th - Ben Reid - Park Hill Policy Speaker Awards: 9th - Katie Fredrick - Greenwood Lab Policy: 13th - Katie Fredrick & Sarah Godwin - Greenwood Lab Public Forum: 9th - Thomas Bentz & Alexsandra McMahan - Neosho Supplemental Events Expository: 6th - Bonnie Lyons - Kickapoo Extemp Commentary: 6th - Sam Tabory - Liberty Poetry: 4th - Teonna Wesley - Raytown South 5th - Andy Kozminski - Savannah Consolation Events Impromptu: 4th - Adam Blood - Joplin Storytelling: 5th - Ariel Kizer - Truman National Student of the Year Finalist (1 of 6) David Kozminski - Savannah Also, a special note - David Kozminski's rendition of Charlie the Caterpillar, with which he placed 7th at NFL's as a Sophomore in 2006 (Dallas), was flat ripped off by the kid from Oklahoma who won HI this year - voices and all. So a special congratulations to David and Mike Pittman (the Savannah Coach) for winning HI, just with a doppelganger performing it. A total of 18 Missouri kids on stage this year in one capacity or another. Not bad at all. Congrats to everyone for representing the state so well, and let's hope for an equally, if not more successful 2008-09. This group set the bar pretty darn high. - Miller
  15. Alas, my two boys and I will all be out of town. However, if anyone would like to set up some practice rounds after Thursday, PM me. - Miller
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