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  1. maybe my search skills are too limited, but there does not appear to be a site like this one where more or less live-time update on college tournaments are posted. i enjoy following high school tournaments. any way to do the same with college debate?
  2. Bad editing? Not the first time; not the last.
  3. Nice wrap-up, Bill. Thanks.
  4. Our soccer league rules barred barred smoking as well as dogs. The former was not much of an issue; the latter was. I finally saw a referee threaten to forfeit a game if the parent did not take the dog outside the fenced area for the pitch. It worked.
  5. One of the things I've been curious about since this thread began is how certain we can be that debaters were responsible for all or even the most serious damage. Rounds ran late? Many rooms were open? Were they watched? Were they locked at night when the rounds were done? Vandalism at high schools is certainly not uncommon. Don't get me wrong. Undoubtedly the debaters caused some damage. I'm proud of the coaches and debaters who are stepping up and offering support. Just wondering ...
  6. packet is here: http://commweb.fullerton.edu/jbruschke/HSResults/CalVarPolicy09.txt can't see a speakers list, but someone could create one.
  7. Any updates? Octos? Quarters?
  8. No breaks before 6 pacific time at the earliest
  9. Thanks. Different from past years and I was worried I had it wrong.
  10. Does anyone know if open policy is at Cal on Saturday or at Berkeley High?
  11. Thanks to both of you. Alyssa, those links work great. Have no idea why the download from the Barkley page at JoT stopped working me.
  12. Anyone else having difficulty pulling up the round 4 & 5 pairings? I'd be grateful if someone not having my problems could cut and paste here. Thanks. [Edit] Well that post right above took care of round 5. Any round 4 typists out there?
  13. Now we know who Damien HF is. Any news from the tournament?
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