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  1. I know this would vary and depend on if there were a lot of 4-0s or whatever...but on average in a "champ" division where everyone's pretty competent, if there are 4 prelim rounds and 28 teams, how many 4-0s are there usually and 3-1s? No power matching...scheduling is randomish or based on "A" "B" "C" within a squad. Thanks for any insight!
  2. UNT has one. I don't know about any other camps. You might try just checking inside their HIV/AIDS files. Circumcision is lame though..."hey guys let's cut off the end of your penises." If you're having sex with someone who's HIV positive, you have pretty bad odds circumcised or not.
  3. Could you guys help me list all of the advantages that people run this year so I/you/everyone can be extra prepared? I have a decent break before my next tournament, so I want to redo some frontlines. US-Based Soft Power Heg Diseases HIV/AIDS Yellow Fever TB Ebola Mystery Super Disease Money Maternal Health Indian Econ African Econ Conflict Water Wars Thank you sooo much to anyone who helps contribute to this list.
  4. In reg, Kickapoo won both sems brackets. In champ, Blue Springs won versus Kickapoo on a 2-1 in finals.
  5. I know, I know that one of the camps that happened way later in the summer had a blood diamonds neg. At the top the writer was like "There hasn't been a blood diamonds aff at any camp, but I've heard rumors about it, so these are responses to possible advantages" or something like that. I looked through my camp folders but can't find which camp this was from! Lame! It's the one that had specific blocks to various other camps' affs as well. Anyone know?
  6. extempreacher


    There wasn't a thread....
  7. I read some very lengthy articles about the "Buy American" policy, under which USAID buys American-made condoms instead of cheaper ($.02 vs $.05) Chinese or Indian condoms that have similar quality. One of the arguments Alabama representatives make is that the manufacturing jobs are important to their districts. Does anyone have any evidence or authors or articles you could point me to that would have a good card to make a little econ turn against repealing "Buy American" or something? Thank you!
  8. Hey I heard about this today, and I'm wondering if anyone has some neg or aff on-case about this case? Especially on solvency. Thanks for any help. PM or llamacheez@gmail.com or this thread .
  9. Does anyone know of some decent articles to read or authors that would have some solvency? Any solvency at all.... Thanks.
  10. Okay, I have that camp evidence . There were a lot of US Key cards, but none really saying like "the U.S. should send X more condoms to sub-Saharan Africa." Is that card just not out there? Thanks.
  11. I'm thinking I want to roll with some really specific solvency evidence involving "the United States should" or something similar, dealing with sending a ton of condoms to sub-Saharan Africa. Does anyone have any authors who have written on the subject or specific articles you would point out to me? The closest I've gotten so far is the GAO's criticism of current PEPFAR rules about condoms, but their recommendations were basically "Congress should look at this or something, maaan!" Thanks for any help.
  12. I have been reading all of the "open" camp evidence about MEDFLAG/MEDCAP to try to figure this out. I have heard some people will run cases involving a MEDFLAG program and AfriCOM/Africa Command. A lot of neg evidence saying that MEDFLAG sucks has one reason being that they rely on EUCOM (Europe Command). Does anyone have a solvency card or plan text or something an affirmative using AfriCOM would read so I can get a clearer picture about this aff? Thanks.
  13. Hey folks, I have read a fair amount about agriculture in Africa, and I think I want to write/assemble a case about it. But I'm not really sure where to start. Does anyone know of some decent ideas of solvency evidence? I want to work backwards from there. I read that spending more of our food aid budget on purchasing local food would be good...would that hold up? Any other suggestions? Also, this seems like it might be "meh sorta" topical. Any thoughts on this issue? Thanks again!
  14. I think the Wake folks were trying to keep their evidence under wraps. I doubt someone from the camp would upload it to an FTP. MAYBE if someone traded for it...but they'd probably be sworn not to do so. So a breach of protocol would be necessary.
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