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  1. ExpoMarker


    1. Pace AL v. Berkley Prep HS (Antonucci, Garrett, Fisher) 2. Westminster JS v. Wayzata RR (Batik, Skarb, Gjerpen) 3. Damien EH v. Westwood GM (Gordon, Weil, Schultz) 4. Westminster AT v. Hooch LR (Tinsley, Clark, Serrano) 5. Brophy MM v. CRWash KP (DHeidt, Friend, Vanhorn) 6. Greenhill BL v. Berkley Prep SS (Jennings, Ramakrishnan, Whitmore) 7. Woodward NP v. Bellarmine JS (Lazarevic, Song, Lingel) 8. Lexington KS v. Fullerton GS (Cramer, JHeidt, Matthews) 9. Bellarmine RV v. Wooster CG (Sharp, Levkowitz, Bencosme) 10. Kinkaid KS v. Hooch CS (Jones, Lanning, Coburn-Palo) 11. CPS KV v. Greenhill KK (Baker, Warden, Greenstein) 12. Sibley BC v. Bronx BM (Gannon, Quinn, Hamraie) 13. Colleyville MN v. St. Marks GM (Polin, Phillips, Patterson) 14. Dallas Jesuit MY v. Damien BR (Gibson, Baxter, Voss) 15. Ft. Lauderdale BM v. Notre Dame DP (Rubaie, Spies, Bauschard) 16. New Trier GS v. BG CP (Beiermeister, Forslund, Petit)
  2. westminster won!!!!!!!!
  3. Does anyone know how the sophomore rounds are going?
  4. Is there a field list up yet?
  5. never mind, I confused the semis and finals posts
  6. wait did SPASH win or WP? could someone from the room reply?
  7. ExpoMarker


    is GDS the same weekend as New Trier?
  8. is there a comprehensive school list? westminster is coming
  9. Westminster AT wins on a 3-0 decision over Lexington on T
  10. lexington vs. westminster TA in finals Westminster TA wins on a 3-0 over harker
  11. westminster TA is in semis and is aff
  12. all i know about round 7: Hooch FL (aff) v. Westminster AS (neg)
  13. we ended up not being able to go School decided we couldn't
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