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  1. What is their inherency/plan/solvency? Most decent bike affs died when the Bicycle Commuter Act passed in October.
  2. Can someone provide some more details about this aff, please?
  3. This topic has been hashed out in many places by many people at many times in the past, but I want to bring it up again. Why? I plan on majoring in computer engineering and computer science. Unfortunately, the school I likely will attend does not have a debate team, and I love this activity and community too much to not be involved. My goal is to bring technology and debate together in a cohesive, ethical fashion. That combination is something that can't be solved by one mind, and I want feedback from the community. So here we are. I have some questions that I'd like to toss out, but this isn't by any means a limit of what this topic can be about. What would be useful for a team to have on a website, for public view and private productive use? Publicly, a general statement about the value of debate, team announcements, calendar, awards, and records. Privately, a wiki for scouting and a judge book, a forum for discussion, file storage/sorting/searching. The wiki raises an issue: Offline synchronization for schools without wireless or if one needs to reference in a round. I have yet to see a solid file system that is easy and searchable. Is it enough to search file names? If possible to search inside of files, is that necessary or desirable? What sort of organization? Folders, tags, just a really good search option? The synchronization issue with wikis applies here too... What about software? Some of you may be familiar with Debin. This is the only software I know of that is designed to organize files and help with speeches. Is this desirable? What else would this include? I guess I'm asking for thoughts into the perfect implementation of technology into debate. Sorry for the long post, but thanks for reading
  4. Audioslave

    Resolved (Movie)

    I will be seeding off and on until Saturday, and from then on I should be a constant seed for as long as there is demand.
  5. Is there wireless on campus/in the dorms? If not, are wireless routers allowed?
  6. How did you keep it organized and such?
  7. I'm looking at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and California State University at Long Beach for school and debate, and they seem to be rather difficult to dig up useful information on. Can anyone fill me in on anything?
  8. Yeah, that is what I mean. Can you be more specific about the Callahan card? There are multiple "famous" ones and multiple authors with the same last name...
  9. Anyone have any cards outlining how we should look to the long term implications of things rather than short term? I seem to remember a thread on here with the cards I am looking for, but my debate research skills have failed me, I couldn't find it. Thanks
  10. Are you really that poor of a debater? It's illegal... how? With no formal copyright filed, the only law that would apply is intellectual property, which, as a group effort, belongs to the group. If camps steal ev, so what. The people who are stealing would otherwise just cut nothing- might as well steal good cards. Some lab leaders who work at multiple camps give the same cites out, is that bad? Nothing bad actually comes out of this. And death threats. Wow. Mature.
  11. How can you draw this magical line between high school and middle school? Students don't magically mature over the summer before their 9th grade year. I guarantee there are plenty of high school kids who "can't handle it," while there are plenty of middle school kids who can. And that's irrelevant, anyway. Those destined to be egotistical will be regardless of when they start debating.
  12. For those of you who are members of the group: If you could post what you'd like to cut in the group that'd be great. I will be removing members Sunday for inactivity. There are plenty of people who are willing to take your spot.
  13. I've sent out a couple more invites. For the people just posting their emails- email me something you've cut and I'll let you in. My goal with this group is to have only people that know how to cut, and can cut, and can prove this. I don't want to assign someone something and then have it turn out that they can't uphold their end of the deal.
  14. First wave of invites sent out. Currently 3 members plus myself, looking for more.
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