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  1. NoPomo

    California State

    Congrats to Bellarmine. Does anyone know how the final round played out?
  2. NoPomo

    California State

    Breaks aren't until after round three.
  3. @ Picasaurus http://www.cross-x.com/vb/forumdisplay.php?f=40 Enjoy.
  4. NoPomo

    Cactus Aff

    Alien-invasive species bad seems like a viable on-case strategy. Also, you can point out that most of Sub-Saharan Africa is not a desert. Seems like a pretty major solvency deficit to me. Oh, and if that's their plan text you could always run Cactus-Spec.
  5. Strategically, you're going to want a different internal link and impact. U: Relations between U.S. and X are good/on brink L: Plan destroys relations with country X I: Relations key to Y That way you'll have a bigger and (strangely for policy debate) more realistic impact. As in, U: Relations between U.S. and China over Africa are strained L: China perceives unilateral U.S. aid as competing for influence in Africa, which decimates our cooperation I: U.S.-China cooperation key to stopping Darfur Genocide/Public Health/Whatever
  6. To complement what Neurotic_Mastermind said - The main problem with running Consult NATO on this years topic is that NATO really doesn't have anything to do with PHA in SSA. Thus, with the exception of cases like MEDFLAGS or genocide relief, you're not going to find any (specific) "NATO likes Foreign Aid to Africa" since, frankly, no such evidence exists. Additionally, you'll be hard pressed to win your net-benefit, since there's zero evidence explaining how consulting on foreign aid is key to the alliance.
  7. This DA (at least how I've seen it in camp files) is completely flawed. It assumes that current U.S. sanctions prohibit public health assistance, when in fact health programs are one of the few things allowed.
  8. NoPomo

    CHSSA Rules

    1: there definately is a CHSSA rule against laptops - look at your state quals ballets. 2: CHSSA doesn't specifically forbid any type of argument. The closest it does is recommend a stock issues or policy maker paradigm to judges.
  9. NoPomo


    Have you tried downloading the camp files from here - http://ndca.debateteams.net/EvidenceProject/tabid/173/Default.aspx ? I'm pretty sure Northwestern and a few other camps put it out.
  10. That's why teams specify they're only implementing the topical portions of WFTPA in their plan...
  11. When I think qualified I think of an "eco-extremist" from the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement who assumes there's only one disease in the world...
  12. NoPomo


    I'm liking the new season as well. It just keeps getting better and better with each episode (well ep. 3 was the best, since Sayid is infinitely awesome; but besides that). While we're still not getting answers to some of the shows central mysteries (i.e. smokey, the numbers, etc) they're still coming in. Instead of thinking about what we don't know, trying think of what we do know: who the others are (to a certain extent), why the plane crashed, who's behind the freighter, who 'he' is from TTLG, and perhaps most importantly, that Juliet is an adulterous whore. ;-) With every answer comes new questions, but that's what makes the show great. The fact that the writers have kept us watching for 4 years w/o telling us what the smoke monster is a testament to this. Anyway, what does everyone think now that there is time travel?
  13. NoPomo

    California State

    Good thing there aren't any lay judges at Calif state....
  14. Well, that depends. Which disease are you 'solving' for? :-)
  15. Hmm... Depending on my mood, Gentle Giant, Camel, or Yes. Eh, throw Caravan, King Crimson, and Hawkwind in there too. What the heck, I'll just say progressive rock in general is my favorite band. :-)
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