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  1. University School of Nashville will be bringing as many teams as we can fit.
  2. OK, let me set up a scenario for you: I'm in my second year of (policy) debate at a school with smaller resources for debate but still a fairly successful program. I was planning to go to a really intensive camp this summer and had a lot of plans for next year's season. Unfortunately, I'm moving to a state where policy is essentially extinct before my junior year. The school I will be attending has an extremely strong PF (and L-D and IE) program that has several coaches and a lot of resources for debate. Would it be worth it for me to contact the new school's coaches about starting a policy program, still go to camp, and try to find an interested partner and bring them up to speed? I already know that a parent will be able to take me to nat circuit CX tournaments that the school isn't going to. I want to do everything possible to avoid quitting the activity but still want to be successful and not waste my time. Thoughts??
  3. Hopefully I'll be rolling up to DDI this year... My mom emailed Ken and: the Workshop will be June 18 - July 9 and the Institute will be July 13 - August 10, 2008
  4. I'm wondering what the policy scene is like in Durhmam, NC - I don't know much about it. What is NC debate like? Does it even.... exist?
  5. What is everybody running for the net ben to Japan? Anything Japan-specific, or just going the politics/spending route?
  6. Can somebody put up the speaker award results from JV (varsity would be good too)? That would be so awesome.
  7. shonuff

    camp affs

    Miami 5 Week: Water Patents Food aid (it revises a law, not quite sure which one) Global gag rule Medflags Disease
  8. shonuff

    LOST finale

    Also, I think that Charlie decides that he doesn't want to keep trying to cheat death. But yeah, my initial reaction to the episode was "What the hell?!?"
  9. YESSSS. I wholeheartedly agree... My trusty old tub is named The Notorious T.U.B. I think it's pretty awesome.
  10. Great. I had learned about PIC's, but wasn't quite sure what that expression meant. Thanks for your help!
  11. But I don't exactly understand what "PICing out of something" is. This was my novice year, and I didn't go to camp beforehand so I didn't really learn a lot of the theory stuff. Any explanation would be much appreciated.
  12. I'm going to Scholars... I'm a rising sophomore with a not-so-awesome (but not-so-bad) record looking to improve and kick some ass. But I have heard Miami is awesome so I'm pretty excited! Abby Schoenfeld University School of Nashville 1A/2N
  13. I'm thinking about doing this as well, and have already started finding cards on it. I did come across a card that could be useful for a solvency mechanism - it's about this new religious women's group that is promoting like a womanhood ceremony, but without the FGM. Like they are passed down things from their mother and female relatives, but nothing physical happens. So, that is a potential. PM me for the link if you want it. I think the main argument we're going to hear against this is cultural imperialism (forcing US culture on Africa), but there's a lot of evidence out there that says that Africa is already against FGM (all the legislation in action to ban it, etc). Should be interesting!
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