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    I'm a crazy republican who loves debating. I'm a total renthead.Going to college now..
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  1. It matters what she did in the past because theres a good chance that she will repeat what she did....
  2. Clinton sucks and Obama does too! Not to sound rude or racist but I think the south would kill Obama...
  3. Snake from Metal Gear is my hero!!
  4. Even if there are a lot of mexicans coming in, they still have to learn English. If we went to Mexico it's we'd have to learn spanish, that's just the way it goes. English has always been our offical language why change it?
  5. To me there is one much worst choice Clinton!!
  6. All I'm saying is that congress can quit approving paying billions of dollars, they pass the bills.
  7. He's one person, hun. He is the commander in chief but the other branches could try to stop increasing the funds for the war in Iraq. The other branches aren't doing a good job checking him. That's what I meant.
  8. I mean to say, quit wasting all your efforts to bash the President and the vice President there are 2 other branches to worry about.
  9. There is another people in office... All the liberals seem to do is bash Bush. Everything in the country can't be his fault but some of you guys act like it's all one man's fault....
  10. I support President Bush, he's a hell-a -lot better than Kerry would ever be. Even if the public disagrees with his ideas he sticks with them and that takes balls. I don't like his immigration policy however but that the only thing that annoys me about him...
  11. hmmm..... Don'tcha just hate traitors?
  12. I hate when people call others fag , it's rude to homosexuals and ignorant. I have to see the movie sometime...
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