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  1. yo stokes, this aff seem familiar to you? I feel like you mightve hit it round one at wake.
  2. uhhh...not to jump on the bandwagon, but i was asked to judge and will fill in if needed. Paradigm: I vote for the winning team, whatever that entails. granted thats a bit nebulous, so on specific arguments: T/theory: probably used excessively, and since it wasnt really an issue in this round, ill be brief, but my nonsensical ramblings with probably offer you insight into my general (ill)legitimacy. as with every living human, ill only pull the trigger if the abuse is inround, or if SO much time is spent on potential abuse as a voter. In the words of Dallas Perkins, "abuse? boy, no one abused you, you dont have a mark on you". [paraphrased slightly] CP: nothing particularly interesting in this field, i think that cp's shift presumption and all that nonsense. competition can probably be artificial, conditionality debates frustrate me, probably because ive won soooo many rounds on the substantive level, but dropped on condo. I think im probably more open to obstruse counterplan types that most people (i.e. minute pics, process cp's, etc.) hate and the DA/CP strat seems to be pretty solid. DA: idk, if theres anything i can even write in this field. one time i was reading the infamous west coast theory handbook and stumbled upon the DA theory section and laughed for about 48 hours straight. I guess weigh a lot. I think politics is pretty contrived, but seeing as it was went for here, i GUESS i can look at it objectively, for fear of being excluded. K: im probably one of those really annoying K debators no one really likes. I think theyre soooo strategic, and are soooo not non-unique disads with a utopian cp stuck in the end. that would be illegit ;-)
  3. slurker

    FFL States (March 6-7)

    lots of enthusiasm for that case list...... consider this a bump.
  4. slurker

    South College Plans

    yah thats what i meant. vowels arent important anyway.
  5. slurker

    South College Plans

    damn. i guess this too will be stuck in cyberspace. but yah, Ljubljana is where zizek/zuponcic teach. i have no intention of going, i just applied for the novelty of it.
  6. slurker

    South College Plans

    Billy Woika: Applied: JMU Drexel Tulane Mason FSU UK univ of Ljubljana (not even kidding- you have to pay a damn tariff) going: UK! go wild cats. or FSU go suppressed people!
  7. slurker


    Stoneman Douglas WF will be in attendance.
  8. slurker

    Florida Blue Key

    so now that the tournament begins to approach.... whos attending?
  9. slurker

    Florida Blue Key

    6 teams should show up at the rr assembley and swear that they were invited. It would even be better if there were judges who just started turning in ballots and whatnot. what would they even do?
  10. thats not a fear of death file.
  11. slurker

    Index Access

    Does anyone have access to the index in this thread: [http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?t=962524] I have my eye on a few of the articles, and the FTP server isnt working.
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