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  1. Most Underrated debater: Greg, losing a partner near the end of the season then having to debate with someone new to the policy community and almost qualifying is fucking amazing. Funniest thing said in round (quote and person) you were in: "That's so abusive no even Cole Willams would do it!" Ryan Kyriss at a round at MW in regards to the team dropping the unconditional C/P and going for the Conditional one. Hottest debater: Tim Mastney all the way, baby (j/k) Favorite judge (and why): I'll have to go with Royers on this one, rounds were always fun and I seems the learn a lot . . . . maybe Debater with the most potential: Mutants (I fear you guys next year) Best partnership: Ian/David Most Untopical case: Either Ishmael or the Wake . . . neither meet the resoltion and are essentially neg. positions Best negative position: Hemp is not topical ftw Funniest off case position you saw: Ego K, you came here to win so you should lose! Funniest thing you stumbled upon while researching: Some politics card involving Sen. Bohner that just beged to become an innuendo Favorite tourney: Nat quals Least favorite tourney: Westside . . . . that place is fucking cursed Scariest Debater: Ian when he loses a round Illigitamatly Funniest Debater/Coach/Judge: David's beard (may it rest in peace)/ Royers/ Klingiman Best non-debate experience/event at a debate tourney this year: The reacton that Big Al gave when I gave him a hug for shits and giggles Worst Strategic Choice (in round): Eco Buhdism . . . . . most uncompeditive K ever Most likely to be a debate coach: Ryan K. Most likely to graduate and judge ALL the time: David Senior you’ll miss the most: Ian's the only one who I know is going out of state, so he'll be missed the most
  2. Ok, why are Ian and David doing LD at state? Could it be one of Ian's ninja tactics!?
  3. Wait . . . a team from Colorado is coming to MN, seems a bit out of the way if you ask me.
  4. Well, someone on the Norfolk team has to kick ass and take names . . . And sure wasn't me . .
  5. GamerOfADebater


    What else would I have to do with my life other than represent?
  6. Hello all. I am trying to decide between the two of these camps. . . . . I want to do the three week (at MSDI). I would also like to know why the camp you say is better is better. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. That tournament isn't worth the sarcasm. . . .
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