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  1. TayP

    Greeley Central?

    Is there anyone on here who goes to Greeley Central H.S? Thanks
  2. I will be in town on those dates as well if help is still needed.
  3. I will most likely be there as well.... So yeah....
  4. Wow......that was beautiful... I just meant that I wanted to make ponies and leprechauns and shit like that come to life through color. But I like what you said too
  5. Hahaha this has nothing to do with this thread but Esther told me about how you were in choir....that is apparently how she knew you....weird huh? On a personal note: Sometimes I think life wold be really fun as a crayon (However because of my Texan roots I can not pronounce the word Crayon correctly.)
  6. Wow...I totally live in Greeley now, so what street is your high school?
  7. You would...do it and I'll vote you up....unless you're the one who dies But no seriously...Andy (Lee that is) call me and we'll figure that out...
  8. Yes is coming in August? What date?
  9. Oh and thanks to the VERY few judges who did come out (Will being one of them) at one point we only had 10 of you for the entire tourny so thanks, it helped a lot!
  10. Congrats all! and Kudos to Sam, Myles, Jacob, and Tay who were debating well into the night..I left before you guys even finished and that was at 10:15 so way to hang in there! (& Yay East =) )
  11. Same and CU UNC I have to ask though is this a Standley thing because every teacher and counsler was saying pick 3 at the most to apply to and here you guys are with 50 apps each...which is awesome don't get me wrong....but wow.... Wow and congrats because you all obviously cared about the schools you applied to =)
  12. Actually now that I do math (I'm really bad with numbers) East only sent two last year so the extra twe you're sending this year plus Golden's team...that's ten...which will be enough....
  13. Last year we barely had enough and this year might be worse because instead of two teams Standley is only sending one (Richardson/Harvey) and Bear creek (who sent one last year) might not be sending any.... However, GW will probably have 4 I can ask our coach after spring break how many teams are registered...
  14. Actually as much of what he said about Pueblo is true you're probably better off there than Craig because at least you can laugh at everything around you (no offense Lincoln and Court) but Craig is just plain sad.
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