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  1. ovais kicked tail this weekend, he was in finals of UNLV
  2. john warden also broke, i think was in til semi's at gsu
  3. 1. What is the most challenging tournament in Ga to attend? Emory...your draw is pretty random 2. What tournament is the most fun? UGA, its the last major tournement of the season, so everyone's tired and trying to be silly. 3. What tournament is the most organized and well-run? Westminster, start early end early. 4. What tournament has the best food? Calhoun. 5. If you could congratulate three coaches for jobs well done-who would they be? Bad question...any person who coaches high school earns merit of a job well done 6. What makes a good coach? Patience 7. What makes a good team? those who care about what they're reading, and their attitude to the other team 8. What debater is the most outrageously unique? from georgia? uh....sorry guys...we're actually pretty boring. 9. What debater consistently provides clear explanations of evidence instead of just reading the cards? Weil. duh. 10. What is your favorite stock issue? harms. don't know why.... 11. Ok...i'm running out of questions...if you could ask an interesting debate question what would it be? why do it? 12. If you could stage a debate round in which coaches could compete against one another, which four coaches would you choose? Who would you team with whom? brack, dheidt, herndon, warren. those are such dynamic personalities and styles...it'd be quite interesting.
  4. lol father hahn is my one of my favorite coaches ever.... once at camp, he offered sunday morning mass. i went, and when it came time to preach, he said, "the order will be two off, one on." it was the cutest and sweetest sermon i heard at debate camp. not too mention, father hahn has raised amazing debaters such as patrick waldinger and patrick speice, and a few of the current wake squad are from his school.
  5. let me tell you something...that logan kelley kid....i claim him. of course, you and matt go first divneet
  6. thats the reason why i'm asking for contacts. i'm trying to get a case book.
  7. if you all wouldnt mind, i've received only a couple of team confirmations..... emails?
  8. i think i just threw up on myself. *has a visual of chinaman* *dies*
  9. please correct the list by quote - editting it. its super hard for me to find everyone's names and districts thanks.
  10. Please auto correct. Any team that is not underlined, please pm or email me at SwtSarahBeth06@aol.com to verify info. Thanks! West Kansas Conor Bridge and Landon Elliot Buhler High School Torrance R. Parkins and Julia M. Groeblacher,McPherson Maine Hanna Claeson and Morgan Herrell, Bangor Montana Pat McCue and Joel Wilson, Helena Michael H. Hughes and Blake Robertson, Billings Sr. Northern Ohio Katie Watt and Maggie Ryan, Canfield Northern South Dakota Jared Tidemann and Elliott Johnson, Brookings John Roby and Zack Bierscheid, Watertown North Coast Brent T. Axthelm and Kurt Lamprecht, Chagrin Falls Rushmore Cody Alexander and Kyle Powers, Sioux Falls Lincoln Josh Oppenheimer and Ryun Thronson, Sioux Falls Lincoln Northern Illinois Mima Lazarevic and Abe Corrigan, Glenbrook South Matt Fisher and Gregory Friend, Glenbrook North Eastern Ohio Andrew Wolf and Parbir Grewal, Wooster Justin Wilhelm and Breanna Novak, Central Inland Empire Garry Padtra and Caleb Jewett, Lewis and Clark Ashley McGowan and Justin Kjolseth, University Puget Sound Grant Potter and Max Brown, Bellingham Robert White and David M. Thompson, Oak Harbor UIL Lindsey Faires and Jared Sexton, Hallsville Nicole Yeakley and Noah Hutchison, Lindale Alden P. Babineau and Alice A. Post, Tyler-Lee Heart of America Ashley Huff and Jeremy Weidman, Independence Chrisman Tyler Dooley and Melissa Kabrick, Independence- Truman Lindsey Latteman and Brock Smith, Park Hill South West Iowa David Gobberdiel and Travis Henderson, West Pennsylvania Anna Cuthrell and Calvin Gruss, Greater Latrobe Anup Das and Matt Lachman, State College Jonathan Dentler and Sierra Gronewold, Gig Harbor Nathan Cohn and Katy Ferguson, Auburn Sr. New England Amy Bond and Geoffrey Smith, Weston Will Sears and Sam Caponal, Lexington West Texas Jose Alicea and Angel Pineda, Cathedral Stephanie Diaz and Alegria Vertacnik, Americas New York City Lisa Ha and Kristina Gunnarsdottir, Bronx HS of Science Eastern Missouri Steven Marcus and Vivian Chen, Ladue Horton Watkins Gerardo Flores and Jason Wu, Ladue Horton Watkins Georgia Southern Peach Kevin Swatek and Jonathan Icaza, Carrollton Council Blaine Drew and Diamond Holland, Cairo Jeff Miller and Jaklyn Edelstein, Fayette County West Oklahoma Katherine E. Smith and Nicholas O. Watts, Heritage Hall Cory Copeland and Jonathan Whalen, Norman High Carson Dimick and James Thompson, Heritage Hall Utah Wasatch Paul Klingensmith and Sarah Stringfellow, Davis Samantha Weinstock and Candee Wilde, Ogden Tennessee Harrison Brown and Patrick Mehta, Montgomery Bell Academy Jamie Berk and Kyle Davis, Montgomery Bell Academy East Texas Paul Williamson and Mathew Carswell, Crosby Jonathon Slotter and Ronald Flack, Crosby Nebraska Samantha Long and Cameron Martin, Millard North Nathan Tye and Ashley N. Morgan, Kearney Sr. Hoosier Crossroads Rachel Kasey and Rebecca A. Kasey, Kokomo Ben Wyatt and Zach Waggoner, North Louisiana Samantha Peltier and Tyler Dunphy, St. Thomas More Anton Overby and John Ramsey, Ruston Valley Forge Terence J. McCarrick and Michael V McCabe, La Salle College George Fox and Richard Deck, Truman North Oregon Rachel Huguet and Adam Ryding, Gresham-Barlow Nebraska South Cara E. Clure and Kathryn Wiedman, Westside Elizabeth Comfort and Paul Gardner, Westside Georgia Northern Mountain Dana Higgins and Sarah Thomas, Calhoun Alexis Armand and John Holland, Henry W Grady Central Texas Teddy Cross and Sumaila Sarfani, Saint Mary's Hall Katie Kinder and Sarah Clemons, Saint Mary's Hall North East Indiana Samuel H. Lahti and Tess M. Mullin, Chesterton Raymond F. Raffin and Phillip R. Braunlich, Chesterton Ozark Adam Testerman and Hassan Rao, Parkview Samuel Westervelt and Tim Brooks, Parkview Nick Ramsey and Evan Dorshorst, Central Hoosier Heartland Manoshi S. Dattay and Rachana Raghothama, West Lafayette David Rosenthal and Brian Rosenthal, West Lafayette Carolina West Ashton Harris and Rahul Malik, Mountain Brook Kevin Hu and Sisi Liu, Vestavia Hills South Carolina Chong Ni and Mitchell Jackson, Riverside Daniel Robertson and Mark Shelley, Blue Springs Christopher Frantze and Nick Rellihan, Rockhurst Patrick Marshall and Corey Allen, Raytown New Jersey Christopher Pinho and Stephanie Oliveira, Science Kevin Cenac and Walter Diaz, Science Mississippi Max Miller and Robert Gore, Hattiesburg Rishi R. Gupta and Rivers Fike, St. Andrew's Episcopal School New Mexico Ryan C. Adams and Dylan R. Conradson, Los Alamos Jessica Nixon and Sara Saba, Eldorado South Florida Sharada Ramakrishan and Yunxin Jiao, Miami Palmetto Hole in the Wall Charlotte Powers and Kayla Gorsuch, Cheyenne East Caleb S. Schmerge and Cassie Lewis, Cheyenne East Northern Wisconsin Ivie O .Okundaye and Osahon A. Okundaye, Neenah Jonathon Ebben and Marsha Maly, Appleton West Wind River Erin Lockwood and Lianna Martin, Laramie Justin Waterworth and Michael McDonald, Southern Wisconsin Gaurav Bhatnagar and Tyler Jackson, Marquette University Northwest Indiana Deborah Wei and Janice Rottenberg, Penn Brittney N. Belchior and Phillip A. Drayton, LaPorte CApital VAlley Michael Lucien and Basil Siddiqui, Sacramento Jesuit Tina Law and Terra Michalowski, C.K. McClatchy Pittsburgh Greg Wittmann and Matthew Reichert, Cathedral Prep Michael Carlotti and Leo Hayes, Cathedral Prep Sundance Jessica Smith and Alex Salas, Bingham Angela C. Glade and Kristin Jensen, Bingham Idaho Sarah Atkinson and Christa Neblett, Skyline Micheal Smith and Jeffrey Lofgran, Madison Paul E. Moses and Maximillian R. Lord, Boise Hannah E. Dunlop and Stephen E. Moncrief, Boise Sierra Cameron T. Pugh and Patrick Neely, Hoover Bryan Pearson and Scott McAllister, Sanger Big Valley Dillon K. Nicholson and Cameron N. Croasdale, Fred C. Beyer New York State Chris Demundo and Max Katz, Monticello Chesapeake Michael A. Warley and Robert G. Hayes, Governor Thomas Johnson Ian Miers and Isaac Weingram, Baltimore City College Florida Manatee Christopher Maier and Tyler Boykin, Ft. Lauderdale South Oregon Lilly Skolnik and Briana Wood, Ashland Mark Buchhert and Levi White, Carthage Ben T. Clark and Kunal K. Lala, Fayetteville Southern Minnesota Boris Kessler and Patrick D. Heffner, Wayzata Ian J. Cero and Carly E. Hurley, Rosemount Colorado Grande Mike Mauro and Lincoln Garrett, South Phil Huss and Collin El-Hossari, Durango Rocky Mountain North Kayla R. Young and Jordan A. Lindell, Greeley Central Daniel Dexter and Sahan Jayasumana, Ft. Collins Illini Mary Gregg and Sylvia Z. Borowska-Beszta, Oak Park & River Forest Capital Valley Tina Law and Terra Michalowski, CK McClatchy Michael Lucien and Basil Siddiqui, Sacramento Jesuit Golden Desert Michael Eisenstadt and Matthew Hale, Green Valley Anthony R. Hattery and Matthew J. Adkins, Canyon Springs Hawaii Shelby Gai and Jennifer C. Hui, Iolani School Carla Kobashigawa and Joseph K. LaVine, Kamehameha Schools West Los Angeles John Huh and Mike Young, Loyola Thomas Proctor and Kevin Gibson, Loyola Colorado Scott McCall and Jermy Gelman, Cherry Creek Paul J. Connell and Jonathan Bullock, Cherry Creek San Francisco Bay Tyler He and Leo Chingcuanco, College Prep Karina Piser and Kailash Srinivasan, College Prep Space City Caitlin Barnett and Collin Roark, Deer Park Andrew Menger and Daniel Jung, Memorial HS -Houston Southern California Cody Forrester and Austin Uhler, La Costa Canyon Colin Braman and Colin Caprara, La Costa Canyon California Coast Matt Grimes and Dylan Groves, Bellarmine College Prep Hassan Khan and Nick Singh, Saint Francis Greater Illinois Clarence E. Coppinger and Nicholas E. Ehlers, Belleville East Arizona Matthew J. Maerowitz and Divneet Mandair, Brophy College Prep Sagebrush Ciera R. Iveson and Michael Webb, Reno David Mathews and Kathryn Lambrecht, Douglas Florida Sunshine Rachel Rolfe and John Correa, Lakewood Brian Shim and Justin Herzig, Berkeley Preparatory School Florida Panther Jon Karlin and Mark Daniels, Spanish River Community South Kansas Stephanie D. Irwin and Michael O. Shelton, Field Kindley Memorial John Cook and Aaron Gill, Winfield Justin Turner and Brad Johnson, Derby Three Trails Greg Allen and Sam Barton, Blue Valley Kansas Flint Hills Thomas Rosen and Eric G. Giroux, Topeka Elise K. Higgins and Taylor D. Petty, Washburn Rural Nicolas S. Miller and Alex J. Oyler, Silver Lake Sunflower Dylan Quigley and Kurt Woolford, Wichita East Andrew B. Fast and Aimee M. Duke, Southeast HSWichita Matthew W. Munday and Bailey K. VanDeest, Goddard Central Minnesota Nicholas Prickel and Michael Hay, Saint Thomas Academy William Petrich and Liles Repp, Saint Thomas Academy Mid-Atlantic Nitin Kapania and Andrew Squires, Blacksburg Ryan M. Yohe and David H. Bae, West Springfield North Texas Longhorns Rehan Ali and Mohamned Valliani, Creekview Brittany N. Ramos and Pavan S. Krishnamurthy, Tall Cotton Taylor Reeves and Chris Smith, Pampa Logan Wright and Will Shipman, Big Spring Lone Star Ashley Fortner and Sam Shore, Greenhill School Bryant Huang and Hayden Schottlander, Greenhill School Rocky Mountain South Gabe Stein and Jordan Bernhardt, George Washington William van Treuren and Alex Eppler, Denver East Tarheel East Matthew McCain and Jeremy Wall, EE Smith North Dakota Roughrider Jessica McClellan and Kristen Vetter, Fargo Shanley Great Salt Lake Cyrus Akrami and Nicholas Wilkerson, Rowland Hall - St. Mark's Gus Ezaguire(sp?) and Chase Burton, Rowland Hall-St. Mark's Gulf Coast Deaandra Prieto and Benson Achtsam, Harlingen HS South South Texas Kyle Bean and Jason Leva, Bellaire Alessia Bhargava and Daniel Zhang, Bellaire Alec Swafford and Henry Tsai, Bellaire East Iowa Matthew Jarvey and Kyle Vint, Washington Cedar Rapids Cissy Huang and Bistra Anguelova, Iowa City Heart of Texas John Elson and Benjamin Dunnington, Round Rock John D. Sanford and Connor L. Stark, Jack C. Hays
  11. its really got to be difficult, deciding the rules of state and competing and such. i tip my hat to those who work hard for us. 1. i like the idea of the regulation of "if you dont attend state tournements you dont go to it." althought this limits competition, limits can be a good thing. its really not fair to never be around on the ga circut and then decide to win state. 2. i like the idea of region winners go to state. i know that our region is limited (i've only competed once in a region tourney) and i'm not sure if everyone does compete in a region tournement to go. it just creates a more structured system 3. i think that classes (A, AA, AAA) cases the most problems for state pairings and divisions and such. if we fixed that, we could probably fix just about everything. 4. while money and limits on that are always hard, i have heard that in some states they sell tee-shirts to help pay for extra trophies. buy a state tee shirt for $20 that normally is about 6, and we could make so money. i'm rambling....perhaps i will think of more improvements.
  12. SarahBeth06

    Debate in GA

    haha who would judge? but seriously, who wants to meet and have lunch? everyone is invited!
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