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  1. Asad Ahmed, Emory - plan on debating
  2. wait didnt ogi and jenn break?
  3. i am confused :'(. I have no idea whats going on, i never asked for cites tom, and yes it is feed in tarrifs.
  4. i am confused???? wait, why am I involved in this conversation for no apparent reason? and oh bronx will be there with team ay, some sophs and some freshies i think.
  5. god danm it wait..... isnt that from like sophmore or junior year again from the start of junior year under that paradigm does it not apply to this conversation???
  6. i most def did not curse more than twice................ she might have taken me for someone else also that was mean
  7. dude i went slower than i normally do in everyday round no joke i was going at most 50 words per minute it was ridiculaously hard going that slow and btw bluejay i stopped cursing ever since the begginig of last year so i dont know what u are talking about lol.
  8. um i am confused at gaforensics wayzata, sibley, payton and st paul have the bid for this tourney not highland are u sure this results are right? congrats to quambomb (steve quam) bob and presumably (according to gaforensics) krishnan and noah on the bid
  9. hey hey and some sophomores
  10. well the law quad is like 600 meter around i think, so u could do laps around that or u could go to the soccer place where the soccer camp practices and run there.
  11. u could run around the main building where all the labs meet to the b ball courts and around south u its not too bad not too scenic though but it mostly depends on who u are is this for a sport if not would u define urself as a sprinter or long distance runner?
  12. does any one going play soccer or knows how to play soccer?
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