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  1. I personally can remember the pleasure of being fucked over by Armand.
  2. Congrats Kathryn on making the list!
  3. Hey, could someone send an invite to jimlu991@gmail.com? Thanks so much!!!
  4. hey Dilly, basically, I'm lookin for CPs, negs and misc stuff from DDI (I already have the affs and Ks). Hit me up on email or aim.
  5. I have the Emory stuff...how much of DDI do u have? Jim
  6. hey snarflax, I tried sending u it, but the file is too big to send on gmail....I'll try yousendit.com. Jim
  7. I have it. Contact me if ur still interested.
  8. What specific cards are u looking for? I could cut some cards for you if you want. Jim
  9. lol....we'll definately go novice; we're aware of all the good teams going and our goal is damage control. Thanks for the info. Jim
  10. hey can anyone hook me up with the JEDI rdf aff? I have lots to trade. thanx
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