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  1. My name is Mike Selck and am available for judging Open Policy the New Trier Tournament. I will already by there for scouting and recruiting so housing is not an issue. Let me know if there are any teams out there that need a judge. You can reach me at my email: mike.selck@gmail.com My philosophy is on the wiki.
  2. .. RAYTOWN? What team is this?
  3. Who is the BSS team? And congrats Thomas, you guys will do well at NFL's.
  4. Okay, it just seems what i said isnt getting interpreted like I intended. Apologies to Pem hill and Greenwood, you are among some of the best teams in missouri, as well as the nation.
  5. I think you mis-interpreted my post wes, it was a compliment. it didnt go so well, nationals did though.
  6. What makes you great at debate? just winning a bunch of tournies? Seems to me we know people like wes are good debaters, but his trophy case is probably light this year. It was greenwood and us that were the continuing teams from missouri at nationals last year. Arent you the one who was complaining about the neg reps? lolz maybe your time is better spent on the world of warcraft fan forum that crusing the cross-x.
  7. The argument isnt that those teams are bad, that would be ridiculious. But you cant whittle down the state of missouri to TWO schools.
  8. Why is everyone convinced that Pembroke and Greenwood are the only good teams in missouri?
  9. This means that all you debaters heading to MU need to hit up vega and bring back the program!
  10. I couldnt have anticipated any better competition in Finals, Congrats to Brad and Lewis. I guess i cant be spinning the same abuse story when we hit next lol
  11. haha jazz, deffinatly most likely to start a race riot. There is no pemhill blue springs throwdown, we both ran out of piss lol anyone else have their crates get drenched last saturday?
  12. Maybe the shirt is what did it for me last year at NFL's? or maybe this year at districts? Funny the way you seem to have absorbed nothing of what i have said. And while you can compliment some debaters around missouri you would gripe continuously about the judges rfd if they beat you. It seems good debaters win debates, bad debaters will pick apart ballots. Your ego is big enough for your entire team, good luck to you guys in the future. The respect we have for you isnt mirrored. There are reasons your asst coach wanted me to go to mo-state, none of which appear to be underneath my shirt. Thank you, theres always next year. Much love, Mike Selck
  13. 1.) You dont "drop" anything in front of a lay panel, because they likely never picked it up. 2.) We win the round on my k answers- i take the 1's, reference pemhills "worst judge ever"- Andy Chapman rofl, and also Worst ballot-brad was to fast for himself?. 3.) The argument isnt that we are better than pemhill, its that pemhill dosent think anyone but themselves should win. 4.) Obviously brad and lewis deserved to qual, and they would have devastated NFL's, but they have another year, and i only hope this districts humbles brad. The debating skills of this school are incredible, the personalities trouble me. 5.) I am likely to pick up more ballots with my shirt off than PHLF's debate skills.
  14. lolz pem-broke refuses to write in blue springs for anything. I dont understand
  15. yeah yeah, get ready for practice rounds hahaha
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