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  1. I definitely recommend everyone checks out SP Debate the article on the purpose of debate camp is pretty sweet. Keep it up Scott. Why is EvTub defunct?
  2. When you say update I recommend not just updating your K every now and then, constantly have a GOOD link story to EVERY aff on the topic (this is a chore but pays off enormously), this obviously means you'll have to be researching your author(s) and will find new updates and also better evidence. Is there a specific author you are looking at?
  3. Congrats Jeff, hopefully I'll bring a team out there this year.
  4. Do you have someone who would be willing to coach you? And also finding a teacher/sponsor from your school who would be willing to take you on field trips will be extremely important.
  5. Also keep that definition in mind against affirmatives that specify funding for a specific energy source.
  6. 1. Do what spoon said above, read the topic paper. 2. If you like to run Ks start researching/cutting two or three generic Ks. 3. Build a generic (not specific to any technology ie. Carbon Tax) aff from scratch and have a practice round here on cross-x, I'm not debating next year, but I can do one with you, or hell tell your partner to debate you on here. 4. If you want to do well on the national circuit,start building up case neg ev, research affs like nuclear energy and carbon tax (look in the alt energy forum). A few hours gave me good terrorism (I smell nuke war impacts) scenarios against nuclear energy affs. 5. And keep doing your drills.
  7. This depends on several factors that you must consider: 1. Do you want a full or part time coach? 2. Is your school also going to hire your coach as a teacher? 3. How often and what will the coach do for you? 4. Is your coach going to be a formal local HS debater, a college debater, or a NDT champ?
  8. What will my favorite crazy slovenian not say.
  9. I have some, if you want them hit me up, or just check the SCFI, Michigan, or Whitman files from summer 2007
  10. It wasn't mark, someone random
  11. Jason it's not his fault, he just won the Novice states
  12. I guess. Congrats to American Heritage HS and Ernie for a splendid show with the Reps K.
  13. congrats to ft. laudy and PC! thanks to pine crest for striking me out twice!
  14. What exactly are the answers to the Deleuze and Guatarri K?
  15. Alright Julian: 1. I understand you intend to spin this as a straight up K aff, that should be fun with some anti-cap/anti-fascism (Deleuze and Guattari maybe?). 2. Do you see any avenues for spinning this aff in a more policy manner. 3. Hit me up on AIM : iyenobaseki, i might lend a hand with this aff.
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