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  1. They have quite a resillence to water as well!
  2. It's some off-brand stuff we got from IKEA. I use it more for my laptop then anything else.
  3. Yeah, good movie. And yeah multi-tasking ftw.
  4. Picture of the rat pack, classy. :-D
  5. Why not just throw in an ethos critique as well? You can't expect your files to not be recirculated once you've traded it. Allot of places recycle evidence here and there every year.
  6. I'm all for sharing with everyone, and the people who get butt hurt about sharing don't seem to realize, they're delaying the invetable. RawExcellence@aol.com UNT ( after the 21st)
  7. The way it was done last year seemed pretty good way to do it.
  8. 1.You can get them there. ( it's first come first serve, limited supply.) 2. Cafeteria food ranges from it's good and bad days, don't faith in it. 3. The virus thing is excessive and only nesc. if you're going to be looking at pr0n or have worries about other misfits getting on your computer. 4. There are some sweet stores right next to a ton of amazing restraunts, it's all good and worthwhile ( on your down time) 5. On your down time you can kind of do w/e you want, they expect work out of you once you get back in lab, and sometime give assignments on your free time, but for the most part it's do as you please. 6. Canyons a noob, Janessa solves. :-O To wherever the greatest show on earth is. :-D
  9. I think where skill can get you a coach can pick up from there and help with the rest. It's not just one specific thing that makes TOC winners. I think you have to mix them, just like you mix offensive argumetns with defensive arguments to make a coherent strat. Not to mention it helps to be in a good region/district, just so you can pull from a much better pool of judges. Either way, congrats to them.
  10. Is one hell of a walk. And getting the notary and shit for them to release your car is a pain in the ass.
  11. It's just one of the cons of all camps. You will run into a few kids who blow 1400$+ on camp just to fuck around. But the lab leaders and most of the debaters there at least last year took it serious. That however does not mean you cannot have fun.
  12. Was just curious because a friend of mine is doing LD. Thx. :-)
  13. Umm will the LD'ers be sharring the same dorms as the Cxers? Just curious. Annnnnnnnnndddddddd 2a/2n Senior Lab 2 week.
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