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    Marta C and Anjan P will be attending DDI I believe (from westwood) I'll be hitting up TCDG (concordia), which is a pretty great camp for beginning debaters or debaters who can't afford top notch camps but still want crazy good lab leaders.
  2. Was there supposed to be a 4 person debate team orgy-off in order to traverse your fantasy?
  3. Maury


    Kelcey, I PMed you a cite request for the states aff. Thanks
  4. Dune kritik! rumors Justin, or factiness?
  5. Lame. I heard rumors of a death of the child/ sweet ass abortion aff.
  6. What was the aff the JacknZack experience was rockin?
  7. The only args there that have anything to do the with the Aff is the T violations. Your DAs dont matter because all the aff does, literally, is call for tips. not pass it, aka no fiat, just call for it. the zizek evidence is amazing at saying that we all need to call for tips in order to OI and redefine homeland security ideology. There is also a MASSIVE link turn to your biopower because in the status quo there are already something like 5 programs doing the same thing as tips, and the call for tips publicly just makes it more likely those will be destroyed because bush loses his human rights capital that was gained the strategic assasination of the tips program by Dick Armey. Read the cards to the outline posted earlier, it gives you a much better sense of the aff. Or in the very least find some of the posts that explain rounds where the aff was present.
  8. Maury


    The link of omission arg is pretty flawed - you assume the link is non recognition - when the link is based on the representations of nuclear war as catastrophe. The internal link is that this legitimizes nuclear wars under the guise of nuclear testing, with the impact being whatever the hell I want it to be (or just death/ dehumanization/ destruction of fourth world culture). When you hit a team that characterizes the link as "zomg you didn't reference past wars lol" then you should know the round is already over. Also, for these situations in particular but many more I'm sure, it is prudent to retag your nuke war cards as something more specific - bearden becomes "massive WMD launch", kahalizad becomes "a new face of nuclear launch", and anything else can be retagged as such. This is a fairly decent no link to Kato (especially against weak teams), but isn't a catch all. As for the perm above (I suck at computers and thus can't do the cool quotes), the perm is really severence out of your rhetoric and representations. The way the neg should be characterizing this is that the judge chooses the entire 8 minutes of the 1AC, and then chooses whether or not it is a good idea to support the plan in the face of competative alternatives or impacts like the K. What it means to support the 1AC is covered in framework. Mind you the perm is also intrinsic because it's adding the recognition in addition to the entire plan... The judge voting neg should be rejection of current nuclear rhetoric. The above is all just personal experience with the K (we lost on it only the first time we ran it, and have been winning since), but I'm sure there are other opinions/ ways to run it.
  9. We were neg in these: "The aff wins their discourse Ks even though they dropped the impact turns because neg concedes discourse shapes reality, and they said their impacts first." "The turn on the foucault K comes before T because tehy dropped your analysis on why T comes first." (what?!) (this is from one quarters round) "T doesn't prevent the plan from passing, so I have to vote aff" "Yeah, same thing for me...I mean...you conceded the plan was a good idea" (from Hank Altmiller) "Um...i voted neg because the aff dropped the standards on T, and point 2-4 on each arg from the block in the 1AR. This is probably because i flowed... *glares at other judges*" "I vote aff - the neg dropped inherency, significance, and harms in the 1NC. I know that they conceded no solvency and that they were untopical...but I didn't like the K and 3 stock issues > 2." (This was at state with a judge who preffered K's...) Aff rounds: "I hate your aff, and I hate you for running it. But you still win jerk face" "If you dont defend plan passage, then they negs K doesnt matter, i vote aff" "You're theory was shit, but heg is pretty damn good anyway" (we won, UIL)
  10. Maury

    UIL vs. TFA

    1) props to yao yao 2) I found a middle ground to this at a recent UIL tournament in austin (round rock to be exact) where we were forced to debate in the UIL Style (no Ks/ spreading/ open CX) but with really qualified college judges. This let us take the old style of debate for a spin and really force ourselves to explain everything and debate "like them" but we also had judges who spoke english and voted on offsets. Because of this we ended up winning the whole damn thing with Nick figgin Burr on the final panel. To me, this seems like an at least some what logical way to take UIL debate up in credibility - good and open minded judges who will allow for some evolution in the system while still trying to maintain the feel of UIL rounds and give those smaller schools a good chance.
  11. Justin, please note the absolute rape you handed me and my "partner" at the start of the year as testimony to how hard things start out without camp.
  12. Corollary: the debater in question didn’t go to camp, but had to work twice as hard as every one else just to catch up. Also, that person was head and shoulders above the rest of the first years his novice year due to being older then everyone else (late birthday, he was 15 in the 9th grade). Thus it would seem that no camp just means you have to have the "stuff" to dedicate yourself to the activity to make up for the gap. Other then that, I think that 1) camp is vital to becoming great and it essential to bridging the novice varsity gap quickly. 2) It’s not the camp you go to as much as it’s how much you put in. Amy Ho went to TCDG for 3 years and is one of the best debaters WW ever saw. Mean while there are teams we (Westwood in general) have beaten all year that went to expensive camps but just didn’t put in the effort.
  13. Vish and MarC won on case turns. The 1NC was 1 off T and then case. This was they were sure to pick up even the most UIL of UIL judges.
  14. Maury


    The neg strat was 1 off T and then case turns. A UIL judges wet dream.
  15. Maury


    As I am constantly ridaculed for, I'm not a vary grate spellar. But...where is the love?
  16. Maury


    Well...that escaladed quickly. See you all at state. Well, except for FPS9_16, who should probably be cutting something useful instead of spending his time on CX (just a heads up BKlounge.)
  17. Maury


    I am pretty sure you can't get upset with evan for speaking the truth. In all serious-ness, it was a pretty good round.
  18. Maury

    UIL vs. TFA

    Finals at stony point proves.
  19. Maury


    Murray conceded to Junaid because Murray promised Junaid he would do all he could to get Junaid qualled for state - too bad Junaid couldn't beat JD. And Badarg, I think that might be The Brian Kersch, but I'm not sure.
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