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  1. "No war" is a claim. The arguments for why war is no longer possible are typically economic interdependence or nuclear deterrence. This means the "no war" team is basically reading an econ/deterrence impact, so if your da/adv can access econ/deterrence you can flip the no war scenario.
  2. The warrant for no war is usually deterrence or interdependence. Reading an IL to one of those is devastating for the "no war" team.
  3. The Digital Debate Camp has a large number of K-centered debaters on staff and is the only camp in the country that does full graduate seminar style classes on core literature bases (last summer we did Deleuze and Guattari as well as a survey course on Anti-Blackness). The DDC is also the cheapest camp in the country.
  4. New year, new Digital Debate Camp! I've started a new thread here: http://www.cross-x.com/topic/58720-digital-debate-camp/ MODS: please delete this thread and replace it with the new one.
  5. Hey Cross-x! The Digital Debate Camp will be returning this summer, as it does every summer, to provide the absolute highest return on investment of any camp in the country. This year camp will run from June 1st to August 10th: nearly 10 weeks of debate camp for the unbeatable price of $450. As always, because we face little per-unit cost, we will aggressively provide scholarship opportunities for all students who would be otherwise unable to attend any debate camps. We also provide significant scholarships for students who participate in the Urban Debate League or analogous programs. Our website covers everything you would need to know about how we operate, but there's one thing the website is not caught up on: the unbelievable staff. The list of people contributing to the Digital Debate Camp is enormous. Just a few of this summers instructors include: Amber Kelsie Brad Bolman Lawrence Grandpre Lee Quinn James Chiles Michael Antonucci Quaram Robinson Kevin Hirn Joe Krakoff Kendra Doty Tyler Thur Matt Reichle Andee Montee Wes Rumbaugh Lincoln Garrett Eli Bacon As always, Sam Gustavson, Chris Leonardi, and Shree Awsare will be making their return. More names to be added to this list as our summer staff finalizes. This summer all of our most successful educational strategies will be returning, including our seminar series based on graduate level courses. Only the Digital Debate Camp has the time and capacity to hold seminar-style classes, lasting several weeks, which give debaters an in-depth and sophisticated understanding of high tech literature bases. Last summer we had seminars on Deleuze and Guattari and Afro-Pessimism. Both of those series will return due to popular demand. The Digital Debate Camp began as an experimental camp format but has since evolved to match traditional camps in intensity, lab leader quality, and access to direct assistance. You can contact us through our website and I will be answering questions here. MODS: Please delete the 2014 stickied thread and replace it with this one.
  6. Time to flood every thread with ritz until we are paid up.
  7. This will be Kanan's 3rd NDT.
  8. I'll get right on this as soon as I have been given all administrative power over cross-x.com. Vote Murray 2015, an admin you can believe in.
  9. A simple google search will reveal you don't even know how to spell the word. I'd start there.
  10. Maury

    Spark - Fully Loaded

    Spark is awesome. Grant is awesome. Saying nuclear war is good is always awesome.
  11. Those Dena cards are strawpersons. That entire article is a mediation between Zizek, Badiou, and Deleuze and concludes with some sweet theories on death and assemblage. Definitely "pro Deleuze" cards.
  12. Check out the digital debate camp for an affordable alternative to the traditional camp experience.
  13. Yeah but if I go do I have to debate with rothenbutt again?
  14. Lyotard, if you want to win.
  15. Great questions! The DDC is best used as a supplement to at least 1 week of traditional camp as there is a lot to learn from the University setting we simply cannot replicate. That said if your choice is between no camp or the ddc the decision should be obvious especially because we offer significant need-based financial assistance. The base price of camp will be $450 this year. As always the DDC will continue to work with students to make camp affordable and accessible. The price of camp has risen to compensate for the significantly larger pool of guest and assistant lab leaders. We will be updating our website within the next few weeks.
  16. C.E. Byrd GN for all categories.
  17. Towson TW and Baylor BG both read eroticism affs on the college topic and you can find their cites on the wiki. Definitely a gopd starting point.
  18. It's what we in the business call the CE Byrd/Loyola special.
  19. Oh yeah because "what is philosophy" wasn't printed and everyone who reads dng from a scholarly perspective is just making shit up. Stop talking out of your ass - if you have literally no idea what is going on you aren't OBLIGATED to inform us of your ignorance. read a book you dude. Just...any book.
  20. Perfect example of a high school dng round. Sounds "so smart", isn't abjectly wrong, but still has said almost nothing of value.
  21. When I saw the title of this thread in the side scroll I thought it was about Evazon payments and got my hopes up.
  22. Maury

    I am not getting paid

    No dude they are too speeching their ballots
  23. Maury

    I am not getting paid

    Sorry I thought it was clear I was being over the top and ridiculous. The ritz threat however is still very real.
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