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  1. Maury

    dark deleuze

    Pretty much, yeah.
  2. Maury

    dark deleuze

    Basically you take everything Deleuze advocates at the ontological level - infinite potential, a world always in flux, content and expression, abstract machines - and you replace it with a loose understanding of wilderson combined with a baseless assertion that "their offense doesnt apply".
  3. Maury

    I apologize

    Here is what I'd do if I owned cross-x. Full implementation of this slate will complete your rebirth. 1. Pay Evazon authors to jumpstart the cycle of college debaters commenting on the site to drum up proof of expertise and drive sales traffic. College debate posts are essential to increase the quality of discourse on the site and fulfill pedagogical needs. 2. Pay mods - something modest, but enough to keep the boards clean and productive. 3. Advertise the site. 4. Probably get some google ad stuff going to bring in monthly cash outside of camp ads and evazon. That wouldn't be super popular, but I'd want a steady stream of income to make adjustments as I see fit during off-season time. 5. Theme weeks, better use of sticky threads, permanent memes board, theory crafting board, video archive board with discussion threads. 6. Try to improve community features like following posters, real time chat, etc. No facebook tie-in though, not never. 7. The Big One: Yelp-type board where people can hire coaches as hired guns. Reviews for hired guns. Reviews for semester-long/season-long coaching. Older debaters offering their services hourly, weekly, etc., at prices that match up with their demand. I think I'm a pretty good coach, and it's hard as heck to convince a parent of that when they've never seen a college debate before, and don't understand the significance of "unranked to top 5 in 2.5 years" for long-term coaching. Yelp-type reviews would help make that sale. It also makes sense to me that someone coming here has limited coaching resources, and while most can't shell out $10k for a season-long coach, many can shell out $20 for 2 hours of coaching or something along those lines. I cannot believe this service doesn't exist in an open-market format. The closest was the debate consultantship thing Seth Gannon was trying to do, but I'm not sure where that ever went. Such a system wouldn't be able to sustain itself independently and needs the infrastructure of this website (traffic, brand-name, heavy community involvement, open feedback) to really work. Plus, all those people trying to sell their services would have a heavy incentive to post a ton so people have immediate proof of their qualification.
  4. Maury

    Best Nietzsche debaters?

    I'm out of the loop - what did Land do? How did he become a Fascist?
  5. I did. All of it. No interest or anything but I didn't ask for it. David was very thorough. Seems like he's back to radio silence now, but it hasn't been *that* long (yet...)
  6. Maury

    Best Nietzsche debaters?

    Here's a video from the ADI a few years back that I consider a great high-level Nietzsche debate. The 2NC is probably the best speech in the debate and does a lot of work explaining Nietzsche argumentatively. But I'm probably biased. http://debatevision.com/video/nietzsche-k-debate-adi-2011
  7. Maury

    How to Withdraw Money or Get Paid from Evazon

    No, but I never asked for it.
  8. Maury

    How to Withdraw Money or Get Paid from Evazon

    True to his word, I received all my backpay.
  9. I'm owed hundreds. At least 3 pending payouts. And a year ago I made my files free because I assumed we would never be paid again. Will I get ALL of those past requests? Many have expired. It was nearly 600 total by my count but we'll need a full forensic account to get the details.
  10. Maury

    How to Withdraw Money or Get Paid from Evazon

    Something like a class-action or getting a lawyer to take it pro-bono. I've been in talks with some lawyers in the extended family and one is interested in doing the work when they have more free time, but who knows when that could be.
  11. Maury

    DnG on neg

    I'll start by saying this is a very accurate summary, so kudos to you Sean. Second: what a terrible read. Why oh WHY would anyone take this position? It's not like the subtitle of BOTH of their major works clearly indicated an INDICTMENT of precisely THIS power of capital... Culp is an absolute tool and I've schooled him at least twice in my life - once in a presentation and once in a group reading. He has no defense of Deleuzeanism once he removes these very same elements because Deleuze's very concept of negativity is an AFFIRMATIVE notion that negativity is BURKEAN and therefore a welcoming of what is not. This isn't some yin/yang infinite corollary. I spent a semester working closely with Ron Bogue - perhaps one of the 3 top living Deleuzean scholars (on PAR with Colebrook and Proveti) and he couldn't help but mock Culp up and down. Why take a philosopher whose entire argument is "change" and chain him to the unrelenting? This is Peter Hallward all over again. Hallward wrote a book asserting DnG were pro-capital because they respected and feared the power of capital. Hallward was summarily dismissed in a public (published) forum. Culp is not far behind. It's an interesting proposition from a debate perspective, but the more you consider it in context, it's a pointless permutation. OK I'm coming off really hot here but Culp is no expert. He has some provocations and they clearly resonated with a good audience so I'll give him a lot of cred...but I don't think his read is up to snuff. I have a very high threshold for interpreting ATP and AO, and Culp doesn't get there.
  12. Maury

    how to start prepping my novice partner

    You'll want to make sure they go to camp somewhere - likely a 2-3 week introductory camp or an online camp - to make sure they have someone guiding them through the basics. Debate is really overwhelming, and without a good introductory program it's easy for newcomers to feel overwhelmed and quit out of frustration. Understanding the fundamentals of debate should take priority over topic knowledge.
  13. Maury

    Why are Politics DAs controversial?

    Applause! Snarf brings up a good point - and one I had a lot of success exploiting - Politics asks the judge to clarify their position in regards to the plan and this clarification brings with it a huge host of problems. It's often quite difficult for the neg to prove that the DA is a meaningful opportunity cost to the plan given the "world" of fiat offered by EITHER team. I've often used this as a clever heuristic: If the neg said "CP: pass the bill" would that be competitive with the plan after they read their PC Key cards to answer the perm? Most judges would think the perm likely solves the net benefit. This example has gotten me pretty far in "intrinsicness" debates, which I take quite seriously. Not sure if intrinsicness is still a winner...but it should be.