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  1. Kaiya_sue


    that is where i'm headed, thanks.
  2. Kaiya_sue


    I'm moving to Olympia, WA to go to school in sept and was wondering if any teams needed any help or just wanted a college judge that would tag along on the weekends, I love debate and want to give back to the community. Hit me up if your team could use and extra hand. My experience is about 90% policy.
  3. Kaiya_sue


    if you could make it that would be great, you should let me know. I know jason (the kw coach) would be very greatful to have you come judge. Shelbs and I are the only people he really has that are coming to judge and know policy debate. i'm sure we could find you a place to stay if need be
  4. Kaiya_sue


    so i was thinkin of judging at kelly walsh...will there be anyone to judge??
  5. o i beg to differ....i got you to do it for me didn't I?
  6. bump but only because i like to cause trouble
  7. its odd to me that as mods you all take the time to argue, defend, and attack...cuz ultimately no matter how much dissent there is....you still have all the control for now...additionally i think that you just cause more tension when you have to retaliate for all of it....just a thought in short...i think it would make you feel better to not take it all so seriously/personally p.s. who's logan? I would love to take credit for it...
  8. user cp is where u check it there's a little weight thing in the corner that lets you give it...that would be the bottom left of each person's post.... suuuuuper
  9. word i am deeply regretting my request to close the thread now.... i was irritated with the thread though...and i felt like it should go away....probably a good thing that i've never wanted to moderate.... i have a very low tolerance for such things
  10. so i have education key to economy....but i was wondering if there was any other way to spin it no its not for T
  11. Yo, so i need some sort of education good impact card. Really anything that is a scenario for education being good would be fabulous....Thanx!
  12. Kaiya_sue

    Pandora's Box

    So I'm still super interested in this pandora's box business. Shelby and I have already had some pretty intense discussions about the possibilities for it and how to answer it. I would love it if the author would grow a pair and tell us what they're going for....I'm interested enough that I'd even discuss the neg strat I've thought of with them....cough
  13. Not to be a bitch or anything guys...but I think that we should let the novies decide if they want to disclose. Out of the little respect that they get. I mean obviously for our boys its too late but perhaps its something to think about for the future.
  14. WHAT?????????????????? O I'M SO GONNA KILL SOMEONE!
  15. crap what are they supposed to run? wtf...what about theory and procedurals???
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