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  1. Monsturd


    Yes, you can make more than one perm, but it's also important to know that perms are not advocacies. If you're perming a counterplan, you're not changing your advocacy from "do the aff" to "do the aff and the cp", you're just showing that the aff and the cp can be done at the same time, proving that it's not competitive. Also, if you're perming the K, you're just testing the link between the K and the case. Because the perm isn't an advocacy you can strategically make more than one perm, just remember that perms are only defensive arguments and you should always be reading why the K or the CP is Bad
  2. I'm conflicted as who to root for? BFFE V.S. future roomate...Go Springfield! congrats to both of you! good luck tomorrow
  3. Oh, don't forget about security affs. just sayin.
  4. Monsturd


    No. if you're a freshman in high school, and it's your first year in high school debate, then you're not allowed to judge. at least not at Truman. Also, if you asked any novice whether or not they'd be a good judge they'd prolly say yeah. We call that arrogance. thanks.
  5. When neg - "Judge, this case is more beat up than Rihanna after she messed up Chris's dinner."
  6. Pembroke Hill > MO Congrats!
  7. "Thanks for keeping the round clean by just avoiding their topicality issue.." "Climate change?...ATTACK THEIR CASE!" We were neg. We ran T, and climate politics. Both were conceded. We lost. Yes. Goddamnit, Missouri.
  8. No offense intended, but the explanation of Uniqueness counterplans above is a little misleading and nonsensical. The idea of a UQ counterplan is to create LINK uniqueness for the CP, not really top level Uniqueness. The fact that you're reading evidence saying "LOST will pass now" probably means that there's already a voting session on the way. While this doesn't make the "create a floor voting session" cp illegitimate, it does mean that it's not getting you real far in the debate. The most common type of uniqueness cp is one like "the USFG will not increase social services." it guarantees that the aff can't get out of your Link with arguments like "USFG increasing social services now." this is important because if you control Link uniqueness then you control the direction of the link and the offense on the Disad. once again, no offense intended
  9. I don't know of a unique way to beat this case alone but I don't see why alot of generic neg strats wouldn't work against it. One example would be States CP or Courts CP with a politics disad as a net benefit. I'm sure you'd have no problem finding/ spinning your link evidence that the case would cost capital, especially since it's such a controversial issue as immigration policy.
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