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    Kicking Advocacy?

    ^no idea what that is saying. Now to answer OPs question. IF i grant that you correctly kicked out of the rest of the k (dont worry, It sounds like you did) AND successfully win the impact debates then this is probably and issue with uniquness - thats why you read the alt in the first place - if you kick that alt (or advocacy, or cp, or whatever) jyou have to have a way to control the direction of the uniquness of what ever impacts your turning.
  2. Then i will take my lashing and withdraw my comment in shame. Darius, my apologies, expect an email soon.
  3. Lemur


    From my understanding of hillman and his application to debate it seems the way you want to frame the alt is as a different way of engaging (Debate speak:evaluating)imaginary events (d.s.world of fiat). Ultimately the aff is defending that we need to imagine deferring war (plan solving) to better educate us in creating policy - the alt is saying that a more worthwhile practice of imagination is to embrace war instead of deferring it because this allows us to confront the violence inside of us blah blah avoiding the impacts of the k. Role of the ballot is deciding which interpretation of how we value fiat impacts is best (this should probably be re-worded), this solves the uniqueness issue of "what happens post ballot" and the "1 instance solving war". EDIT: thank you for using the search function, i award you many Internets.
  4. Why is this in culture? wtf.
  5. josh was looking of a judge @ UT
  6. If you haven't read his book Seduction, then you should do that now (pretty easy to find .pdf online). It goes a long way in explaining these things.
  7. Questions like this should be directed at the search function first: http://www.cross-x.com/topic/51288-how-to-win-on-cede-the-political-every-round/page__p__840821__hl__%2Bcede+%2Bpolitical__fromsearch__1#entry840821 http://www.cross-x.com/topic/50695-at-cede-the-political/page__p__834837__hl__%2Bcede+%2Bpolitical__fromsearch__1#entry834837 http://www.cross-x.com/topic/48527-what-is-cede-the-political/page__p__807572__hl__%2Bcede+%2Bpolitical__fromsearch__1#entry807572 http://www.cross-x.com/topic/46034-cede-the-political/page__p__774194__hl__%2Bcede+%2Bpolitical__fromsearch__1#entry774194 http://www.cross-x.com/topic/45895-cede-the-political-answers/page__p__772552__hl__%2Bcede+%2Bpolitical__fromsearch__1#entry772552 http://www.cross-x.com/topic/45099-more-cede-the-political/page__p__764520__hl__%2Bcede+%2Bpolitical__fromsearch__1#entry764520 http://www.cross-x.com/topic/43206-cede-the-political/page__p__736114__hl__%2Bcede+%2Bpolitical__fromsearch__1#entry736114 http://www.cross-x.com/topic/43944-at-pragmatismrorty/page__p__749270__hl__%2Bcede+%2Bpolitical__fromsearch__1#entry749270
  8. Lemur


    For Foucault you should probably start here on this site: http://www.cross-x.com/topic/47950-official-thread-foucault/ If interested in seeing what others have said in general about other authors check the "Official Threads" Depository here: http://www.cross-x.com/topic/51271-official-threads/
  9. Lemur

    Death Drive?

    Whenever I encounter nebulous terms in critical theory/philosophy literature that I don't really understand I normally start with a wikipedia search (surprising amount of good critique goo on here): Then narrow it with the google machine. Useful websites do not have to be only card useful. Often times the best sources to start your research in an argument are blog posts from sometimes anon posters. These can contextualize the argument your working for in a simple way while also pointing to where you can find the same arguments in the source literature. From a quick scan these looked like they might be useful: http://www.vanishingmediator.com/2009/09/drivedeath-drive.html http://buymeout.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/zizek-on-death-drive/
  10. "The right to punish, therefore, is an aspect of the sovereign’s right to make war on his enemies." -Fuko I've been personally tired of seeing Tommy's rules still up after the rev has been successful (dirty despot). However, as any good leaders of a revolution it is now our job to decree slightly different but mostly similar ("meet the new boss...") rules for you minor serfs to follow. I'm sure Dustin and Chris have their own slight variations on how they do things and they can feel free to share them in this thread (but we know they aren't as important ). Teh Rules 1. No Trolling - Policy is that this is absolutely a no-no and will be deleted on sight. This is content better suited for The Hole. However in instances of funny trolling i'll probably turn the other cheek until it inevitably becomes lame (level of humor is based on the scientific "porn test"). As for serial trolls, unless you are saying something constructive (or funny: see above)your posts will probably not get much love here, sorry but society must be defended. 2. Be Nice - Don't be pricks to other people here. Hateful language is strictly prohibited (racist, sexist, just plain fucked up, etc.) and if bad enough will result in a citation thingy. I can understand getting frustrated with people sometimes. My policy here is to remove confrontational posts and remove/stop flames and flamewars when possible. Again as with trolling, discussions that might have some intellectual value (porn test) will be given some leeway on time before deletion to be worked out (as the sovereign i cant complain to much about you turning against yourselves). 3. Keep it Clean - Not talking about cussing here, i could give a shit less about that as long as it doesn't impede intellectual discussion or is malicious. I mean this in the sense that maybe that post your about to publish doesn't need to be posted. Please. We don't need 7 threads with explanations of Hillman. Doing this helps keep the forum neat and pretty. Read: "Pre-Posting Tips" 4. Be Smart. Be Creative. - We're all here to learn more, and we can always learn from each other. Even if you are a novice do not be intimidated to share your thoughts, ask questions, think differently about things, makes jokes here, etc. We are lucky enough to have this space to have these discussions, lets not waste it. ** Pre-Posting Tips ** Whenever I encounter nebulous terms in critical theory/philosophy literature that I don't really understand start with a wikipedia search, regardless of what your teachers have told you The Wiki is an amazing tool: http://www.wikipedia.org/ Then narrow it with the google machine. Useful websites do not have to be only card useful. Often times the best sources to start your research in an argument are blog posts from sometimes anon posters. These can contextualize the argument your working for in a simple way while also pointing to where you can find the same arguments in the source literature. http://www.google.com/ Still have questions? Just want to discuss what you learned? Then the next step is to use the search function and check the "Official Threads" depository to make there isn't already a place for this discussion. http://www.cross-x.com/topic/51271-official-threads/ If nothing, then post away. Just remember, it is always more rewarding to (at least try to) figure something out through your own research than looking for somebody to give you the easy answer. [Disclaimer: Naturally the above applies more to the "can somebody explain...?" type of threads and not general discussion threads, discussion is always promoted] Signed, MGMT.
  11. For sure, it sounds like there will be some good cards in it. And why did you have to give up qualling?
  12. AAAWWWWWWW YYYYEEEAAAHHHH In light of new intel, me and brian now demand crawsex procure 2 copies of this book...or else.
  13. http://www.mediafire.com/?27ldvzh8975wwt8 Thats the card in question - I added a bunch of analysis in comments that should answer your questions.
  14. People should be aware that my birthday is dec. 15. *cough cough*
  15. There's a lot going on here, which parts of this are you understanding and which parts are you not? I strongly recommend getting a background in Baudrillard, not something you can just jump on into.
  16. Lemur

    Lemur and X Spike

    Sorry didn't realize this. Let's get our three-way on.
  17. Lemur

    Lemur and X Spike

    I agree with this, the vote difference was one vote. I'm positive Chris feels the same way. Crawsex overloards, can this happen?
  18. Lemur

    Rep Bars!

    oh really? EDIT: average sized e-pen checking in
  19. To give you a lead in your research there is a section in simulacra and simulation where Baudrillard specifically addresses the absurdity of the desire for space exploration, look into Baudrillard's book The Illusion of the End, and finally think about what Baudrillard might say about the telepresence of space that pervades our experiences with reality. Last thing, cut this: http://www.ubishops.ca/baudrillardstudies/vol2_2/shapiro.htm
  20. I'm interested in why you think OOO denies conceptions of objective proof. Not only is OOO a response to the linguistic turn and the main ideas that "truth" is just a non-factual construct created by networks of signifiers and signified. If OOO didnt believe in the existence of truth how could Tim Morton do work on global warming, the anthropocene, and ecology? Also for one who heavily criticizes the OOO camp of only doing what they do to get on top in the OOO/SR sphere why the need to constantly flame them and take them down? I am highly suspect that you don't care about notoriety in the theory field when you use artificial beefs you create with the OOO blogosphere to get your own name out there and spam your links to policy debate sites so people read your blog. That doesn't sound like letting fame be "incidental".
  21. Lol, I know you. You're the guy who starts flame wars with the OOO fellows in the blogosphere.
  22. read a topical aff?
  23. Name: Hank Stolte Location: Austin, TX Email: hstolte11@gmail.com Phone: 512-818-9889 Debated 5 years before graduating high school. Now going to be a debating freshman at the University of Texas. I'm a former UIL state champion and have been in outrounds of TFA three years in a row. My senior and junior year i beat many TOC qualified teams (including Beacon who was 1st seed at the TOC).
  24. wouldn't 98% of DAs satisfy this requirement...?
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