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  1. Ok, thanks you guys for all your help but I found a case. Replacing Mercenaries with college graduate citizens-soilders. It was in the Balor Briefs, but I thought I could run with it. Any suggestions on this one???
  2. I need help with a Peace Corps plan i'm trying to rewrite. I have everything except significance, i'm a little lost. help!!!
  3. The United States Federal Government should substancially incrase the number of linguists in the armed services by ____ (solvency advocate stuff)__ I don't have time to write a new one... man, this sucks!!!
  4. We need to substaintially increase the number of person serving in the military what's the point in this case... Bush RUINED IT!!! Thanks for the plan...ok...do you have the aff where you can send it?? you don't understand I am desperate!!!
  5. Ok, In need of serious help. District is Friday and we need a new plan, our plan is BUSTED!!! We used to have the military plan, but since the Bush speech...yeah, it's busted!!! So, if someone can just send me a plan, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!! greenfishwings@yahoo.com
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