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  1. personally, i thought this was a great topic...if anything too much literature(I don't think anyone else used our aff, at least no one that I know of), and while we did lose our semi-final round at state due to a case we hadnt heard of(cp's and k's dont work here)...for the most part it was never an issue. There were amazing generic blocks, and tie it with good analytics(most cases seemed to suffer from), it really wasnt that bad even as neg. As far as generic disads go...as much as I liked our revamped China DA, I never understood why people focused on those DA's and didnt get more unique. Even if arguments are generic, judges seem to be more forgiving if its different from what they have heard the past 10 rounds.(Well assuming it wasnt just horrible, like the AU DA)
  2. but I think you found a medium most on here could agree with. As much as I like dissing PFD, I have immense respect for many of them. Especially, Sarah/Erika...Dylan/Michael earned it too....tho that whole "Zorgon" may of hampered it a tad bit at first (could they of come up with a more annoying nickname?)
  3. hey thats what why i love freshman...even when the saw me at my worst they are always like "OMG that was the best round ever" i think u guys are too hard on urselves about the final round...sure there were slip ups but it was still a good round(and much better than me in the semifinal round) and ditto to the work, ben and I basically went solo when it came to research(the rest of our policy people were new, with an exception)
  4. Well...if we are far worse than the past debaters, I wouldn't blame it on trey, if anything Id blame it more on myself(I'm not that great of a speaker) and the fact we had to learn debate from him and our judges. Our senior team was only around our freshman year. Oh and I agree with Eleanor, St.Louis wasn't very indictive of how good the teams were this year.(maybe consistancy is our problem?) I know must of our best debates happened in January, after we had several tournaments.(not saying we were better than past teams, just saying it wasn't the most accurate way to judge our skills)
  5. Eh....I think the reverse has been true as of late oh and there were POLICY SCHOOLS missing, note its plural(as in two) I don't believe either Carmel or Kokomo were there... oh and i take that back there were 3 teams cuz Amy Rights teams didn't go to state so that adds like a whopping 4 teams(so yeah maybe policy is dying)
  6. but what are you looking for?
  7. are you making fun of ben...or has ben found his soulmate?
  8. Oh, I love strawberries to...but they are only truly amazing when you take those little guys, megasize them, add sugar and then cover them in melted chocolate. Now I'm hungry.
  9. a little off topic... but Eleanor, I think you like "...'s" as much i do (to all the random readers out there...this comment isn't as random as it looks)
  10. i cant believe you...elessica...or was it jeleanor, reguardless you so should of totally known our names...even if I was both the 2AR and the 1NR not to mention the fact that I was the 2NR as a Junior then switched to the 1NR as a senior, theres nothing confusing bout that... can say that ever happned with me *rolls eyes and hopes not to get smited* but realistically, i think people just combine the teams into one...like the Rosenthals and as a confession, i had a hard time telling you two apart until this year too(and dont tell them, but i still get greg and alex confused)
  11. i bet ur right, it was definitely ben that called him ray.
  12. oh, no i understood what he was saying...but i dont recall any statement...involving a "ray and tyler" as far as I can tell, he's only been referred to as Jay on here.
  13. Trey, I can't say I have the slightest clue as to what your talking about.
  14. I'm going to guess, either Karen and Zoe or Rachel and Jessica make it to at least semis...but theres really no guarentees. A few years ago, it was supposed to be a Jay/Tyler and Lucy/Sarah final, but both lost in octas. So, yeah...
  15. personally, i thought the camp files were really useful....it was just a matter of using them right. For example, ben would send me campfile Das, and then I would just alter them...add to them, and change the story. It sure beat making entirely new Das. The Church and State one never got finished because of just how much harder it was to make them from scratch. They were also good for on case, Ben made some really awesome files from camps. The only thing that ever sucked with them was the poor citing, I mean powertagged cards are easy to take care of....take the mouse, drag the cursor, right click and delete. But...a lot of the time I would miss the poor citations cuz I wouldn't think about it. I think it was Eleanor that called me out on my awesome source whose credentials were "reseracher" Just fantastic!
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