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  1. I will repeat what is neccesary. You mam, are an asshole. Flattered or not, it takes balls (which i'm sure you have) to begin to compare certain states of debate to other states of debate. Missouri is growing in talent and reputation in and out of state. After you compete and get a name for yourself like sarah has you may begin to comment on such events like the state of debate in missouri as compared to others. More importantly, you will begin to realize most that read this forum and do not post are the ones that will be judging you as you debate throughout your highschool debate career. Can you please explain what a "high school musical" attitude is? because as a 14 year old girl in missouri who no one knows thankfully, how might you acquire these senses of high school attitudes when you have not even been in high school for more than a year? Let me now introduce the funniest comment of the year. Flawed in more ways i can count. "I look forward to walking all over you in a round." Rebecca, let me wish you luck in all of your high school endeavors, one including learning to keep your mouth shut (which will be hard for a feisty young lady as i'm sure your fat girlfriends claim)
  2. HAYguevara

    MSHSAA State

    shit dude, the sems bracket was messed up quick flip it upside down
  3. is this an official challenge?
  4. Its not beneath me. You're an asshole.
  5. MoState FW is now 6-1 8th round just started.
  6. HAYguevara

    MSHSAA State

    If someone has had to listen to this rendition and more for over 3 hours up to liberty...raise your hand...and i will feel sorry for you as well
  7. HAYguevara

    MSHSAA State

    probably...or something equal to
  8. yeah. because thats logical... i cut the answers btw. this is stupid argument period.
  9. just like your mom ohhhhhhhh sick burn?
  10. Best 1A- Matt Price Best 2A- Ms. Godwin Best 1N- Myra Milam Best 2N- Wes Rumbaugh Best Team- Greengirls Best LDer- Ndikum Best Negative Position- Biz Con...when it was unique. Worst Negative Postion- Double Affirmation Case of the Year- Whatever New Aff Greenwood cuts the day before NFL Worst Case of the Year- Nuke Navy/Algae Ultimate Kritik- Zizek Counterplan of the Year- Consult NATO Best DA- Elections Worst DA- Saudi Oil Best Card- Klare 08 Worst Card- Wildcat and Griswold Fastest Debater- Mr. Hodgman Best Word Economy- Ben Cambell Best Spreaders- Milam/Goodwin Best Speakers- Pearson/Brown Most improved team- Bess/Watson Team that will likely become great- Whoever that novice Griffin kid from parkview debates with Best adapters- Greenwood Most likely to run Irony- Marshfield Most likely to amaze you with a cool position- Oak Park Most likely to take off shirt- Travis Burchel ***Most likely to wear a striped shirt*** - Thomas Hodgman Judge of the Year - Anyone but Joe Skaggs Panel of the year – Jace, Becca, and Doug Miller Ballot of the year (text) - This was a disgrace to the debate community and the topic (paraphrasing) Best Run Tourney- Parkview Worst Run Tourney- Republic Most qualified Judging pool Tourney- Parkview Worst qualified Judging pool Tourney – Republic Most interesting tourny moment – When a Mike Stubblefield screamed at Ali/Shawna about the women in debate aff ***Best Catfight Cross-X*** - The cake goes to Myra Milam and Matt Price (Because matt didn’t calm down for the rest of the debate) Most Admired coach (NOT your own)- Jon Macintosh Squad of the Year (NOT your own)- The Central Kids Person who has contributed the most to the program- Christopher Layne
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