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  1. Is Anuj Bapodra part of one of the NFA teams that broke?
  2. I can probably get DDI and SDI 4/5.
  3. why not just do a NGO cp w/ the "eva image" argument as a NB and an answer to the perm?
  4. Thanks for your concern man. The future of our program is in the gray area right now. If I debate next year, my options are probably SDI 5 and DDI. I am almost certain Bala will attend DDI if we have a program.
  5. Is DDI hard to get in for juniors?
  6. Who might go? I will probably apply for 4/5 week. Dexter Zhuang Novi High 2A/1N
  7. Also add: Air Force Native American LSA
  8. I'm planning to apply for 5 week soon, but I hear the instruction is quite good. There is a combination of large lectures and also small group, seminar-type lectures. T is usually put out and theory is at the discretion of the lab.
  9. Brother Rice def. Elk Rapids in finals.
  10. Please tell Bala that. Peace Corps is a nice aff but it gets boring fast. Personally, I like the water purifications aff. There's some other interesting ones like mosquito nets that I thought of and I think the trade embargos is cool too.
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