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  1. JohnnyD


    Only took four years of effort, but it's good to see Mechanicsburg finally making a showing at PFI.
  2. JohnnyD

    free Weezy

    Quoted For Truth.
  3. Romney will win the GOP nomination because it's his turn and that's how the GOP does things. The rest of the candidates are either too far right (Palin, Huckabee), too unknown (Thune) or too crazy (Ron Paul) to get the nom.
  4. JohnnyD


    Wish this didn't directly compete with PHSSL... we really pushed to try and attend this year. Ah well, good luck to all teams!
  5. -Mech D'Adamo/Hess -Delone team
  6. Yes, I know McCain stamped his name on the bailout, "suspended" his campaign (aka cancelled his Letterman interview) took credit in the "passage" of the bailout, but... Obama eats arugula! The horror!
  7. McCain had to completely dominate in order to erase his horrible week and he at best tied with Obama on his home turf, foreign policy, with Obama clearly blasting him on the economy. Lose for McCain.
  8. You do realize you're defending Glenn Beck, right? Just checking.
  9. What's unfortunate is the McCain from 2000 would look at what McCain in 2008 is doing and probably punch him in the face a few times. Campaign finance reform, working with democrats often, even at one point in 2001 according to CNN's documentary considering to be a Democrat. It's a shame how low he's gone to appeal to the base of the party and I firmly believe if he was the same man he was in 2000 this race might have been a lot different.
  10. I think Obama is doing a much better job than the previous two Dem candidates in that he fights back hard and immediately. He actually has a crack team that comes up with biting retorts whenever a GOP shill releases a potentially harmful statement. (for example when Mitt Romney said "Just like you, there has never been a day when I was not proud to be an American," as a snipe at Michelle Obama, the Obama crack speed team releases this statement... "These comments are as pathetic as Mitt Romney's failed presidential campaign" and then "We thought families were off limits, but John McCain's hand-picked attack dog broke that..." etc etc) He has a section of his website called "Fight the Smears" to take out any of those spam emails. He picked Joe Biden who is essentially a pit bull and I'm just glad the dude's on our side. Still, even though he fights back and HARD, Obama is also logical and answers questions thoughtfully, not just spewing out a talking point. He outlines his plans with detail. They truly do have both facets: they hit back hard, and they are thoughtful too.
  11. Quoted for truth, and that's why I was asking- the cellulosic ethanol aff i have kills the corn ethanol one i have, much better evidence and blocks...
  12. What the hell is wrong with you? If your thread got holed it wasn't because you supported McCain but because of stupid shit like ^ that. "raping" to mean making life miserable and worse like "Republicans are raping us" is gaining more prominence now. What I quoted above from you is more than just one word in a growingly acceptable context, it's just wrong.
  13. Does your aff focus on corn ethanol or cellulosic ethanol?
  14. To all those who think this... I highly highly doubt Palin steps down. Just look at the RNC convention - McCain/Palin everywhere. If she steps down now the GOP will have collective egg on their faces and certainly lose the election. McCain pretty much has to stick with what he's got.
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